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HSTL S44 Preview with Hoff, Dynasty & Tadaos

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AFC East
2:42:      Bills (Hoffnasty)
18:09:    Colts (Ol’ Dirty Tecmo)
28:12:    Dolphins (Jebigred)
39:27:    Patriots (Toolie)
49:34:    Jets (BigHock)
NFC West
56:43:    49ers (Rmm)
1:04:36:  Rams (Barletti)
1:13:09:  Saints (Nos)
1:16:50:  Falcons (Prime)
NFC Central
1:21:16:  Packers (War Machine)
1:26:44:  Bears (Rico)
1:30:44:  Lions (Casual T)
1:33:41:  Buccaneers (Eifersucht)
1:41:48:  Vikings (Odell) 
NFC East
1:48:06:  Redskins (Ziur)
1:50:51:  Eagles (Turbo)
1:54:45:  Cardinals (TimBone)
2:03:12:  Cowboys (Jesusluvsme4ever)
2:10:31:  Giants (Discdolo)
NFC Predictions:  2:14:57
AFC Central
2:20:24:  Bengals (Rockman)
2:25:09:  Steelers (Tundrayeti)
2:30:50:  Browns (TecmoBo)
2:35:16:  Oilers (Stalltalk)
AFC West
2:41:55:  Broncos (Randywags)
2:47:30:  Chargers (Gamehigh)
2:49:52:  Seahawks (Drake)
2:53:16:  Chiefs (Joeygats)
2:59:43:  Raiders (Tadaos)
AFC Predictions:  3:05:18
Super Bowl Preview:  3:11:59

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