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NGTL S4 Draft Rules, Info and Resources

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Positions Drafted (11 ROUNDS): QB-TE/ QB-TE / RB-WR / RB-WR / RB-WR / RB-WR / OL / DL-LB-DB / DL-LB-DB / DL-LB-DB / LB-DB-K-P






To initiate the NGTL S4 Draft process, the commissioner will divide the league into tiers.  Then a random process will be utilized to determine a set order within those tiers, all-in-all ending with a sequenced list of owners #1-14.



The NGTL S4 Draft will be conducted "snake" style. We will draft 2 rounds per day again this season. Each pick will have a 15-minute time frame assigned to it.  You can make your pick as soon as your time frame begins.... OR after ALL picks ahead of yours have been made.  Make sure you get your pick submitted before your 15 minutes are up so the next guy in line doesn't steal your player.



Your two scheduled draft times will be the same each day of the timed draft.  So learn them, get to know them, take them out, touch them, feel them, they are yours.



If the end of a round comes and there is a team who has not made a pick,  the Commish/Draft MODS will make a pick for that team.  They will do Their best to select a player whom they believe is the best available while also balancing that decision against the team's needs.   This is never ideal, so please commit to making yourself available during both of your time slots each day... and if you cannot do so, plan ahead and post a list in that specific draft round's thread.... OR recruit a buddy to make your selection for you during your time slot.

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