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TTLM2 is ready to go.   We have 28 players this season which means will have two conferences with 14 players.    You will play each player in your conference once for a total of 13 games.   Deadline is Sunday, April 8th @1PM CST.   This is about 3 games per week.   The goal here to play as many  games as possible before Madison.   Madison only comes once a year so now is the time to get warmed up!    Let's go people!  This is why click all those buttons!!!  (Bill Parcels reference slightly modified)


Called Matchups / Playoffs

As a reminder it's all madison rules (http://tecmomadison.com/rules/)  You play each person once in your conference. You can only call a matchup once.  However, the matchups will reset if you reach the playoffs.  There is no posted regular season schedule so keep track of who you played.  Top 6 teams in each conference make the playoffs with the #1 #2 seed getting a first round bye.  AFC Vs NFC    Ties will be settled by head to head record than point differential.   If there is a 3 way tie with no clear head to head winner it's point differential.   I reserve the option to call one more game if it is for the 6th and final seed. 


You start a game with the kickoff to see who wins the coin toss. Whoever wins can call the matchup or defer. There are no ties.  The winner then manually enters the results on the google docs spreadsheet.  I will lock previous results from time to time to prevent data from being deleted.  


Google Docs Game Tracker   (AFC & NFC tabs)



Owner Availability 

It was suggested by Turbo that we submit our availability so that it is easier to schedule games.  I've created a tab in the google doc where you can post your availability and preferred contact method.   Discord/Text, etc.  





Tagging Folks

Do not tag @ttl to get games in.  That is a different league with different players.  Not to mention you only play half the players in this league.   I created a Lists tab in the google doc where you can copy and paste the NFC and /or AFC into discord.  





Matchup Tab

You can use the Matchup tab to see what you have called and who you have played.    



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    • By Darth RockMan
      After much deliberation and debate in the senate a decision has been made to make the next season of TTL the last season.   We will have one more TTL season before Madison and then the league will be permanently moving to the TTLM format.    The TTLM format is what most original ROM players have wanted for some time but there was never a format for it other than TPC.  The Google doc spreadsheet has worked out well in the TTLM1 trial so it seems like an easy decision.   That being said I have enjoyed the TTL format that was previously set by Clark prior to me and I thank those that set the foundation for TTL.  I would like to think that TTL is not dead but rather it is just being enhanced.   That is why I went with the name of TTLM.   This keeps the original league name but adds the M for what we are all passionate about, MADISON!
      I've posted a few messages on discord about folks choosing what league they want to be in for next season (TTL/TTLM or both).   Most everyone is choosing to be in both leagues which is great to hear.   However, I will say that I would like everyone to make sure they are committed to both leagues.   TTL will be the standard 2 game per week league but TTLM will be a 3 game per week league.   If you sign up for both leagues you will be committing to 5 games per week plus any other leagues that you are in.  I would love participation on both by all but would rather have owners committed to one league where they know they can get all of their games in. So please think about this before signing up for both.  
      Existing TTL owners feel free to reply to this post with which leagues you want to be in.  TTL, TTLM or both.   I will be keeping track of replies on here and on  discord. Although, discord messages can get lost sometimes so best to reply on here so I'll see it for sure.  
      I'll be posting a new thread for folks that can sign up on the TTLM waiting list.  We currently have 22 TTLM owners and can go up to 32 TTLM owners. 
      Thanks to everyone for making TTLM a success!   Long live Tecmo!   
      Darth Rockman
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