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(32 Team Rom) NFC West Alternate Color Usage

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Hey everybody.



I know literally nothing about coding, but I was very curious to see where the game pulls the alternate uniform usage for the NFC West Teams in the 32 team rom. So, using trial and error and TSB Tool Supreme, I found some locations that did correct the uniform usage. However, these locations are important for other things in the rom, obviously, so changing them to the correct values for the uniform usage completely destroys the visuals for the gameplay.


The locations are (4 bytes long each):

49ers: x2C416- changing these to uniform values changes nothing in gameplay

Rams: x2C420- Changes the field colors

Seahawks: x2C42A - Wrecks the HUD and clock at the top of the screen

Cards: x2C434 - Field becomes a jumbled mess of crap


I just wanted to post this since I have not seen anyone post this information before. Everyone knows the uniforms for the NFC West were messed up, but I never saw specifically why. If this has already been talked about please correct me. The reason I did this is I would really like to see a fix that can make the alternate uniform usage correct, and I have no where near the skills or the knowledge to do it.


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