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    • By Darth RockMan
      Season 31 of TTL can now begin.  Format for this season is a called matchup league.  We have 30 total owners and 15 owners per conference which means you have 14 games to play.  We will be playing 2.5 games per week which puts the deadline at June 11th @midnight.   We will also have a mid season deadline of Monday May 21st where you need to have 7 games in.   If you don't have your games in or don't have a very very good reason I will find a replacement so we can keep the season moving along.   
      You play each person once in your conference.  All Madison rules.  Coin flip determines who calls the match up. Winner can call the match up or defer.  Person who calls the match up is P1. You can only call the match up once however it will reset in the playoffs.    
      Playoffs will have 7 owners from each conference making the playoffs with the top seed obtaining a week 1 bye.   Format will be single elimination.
      @ttl will be reserved for commissioner use only and for tagging folks when streaming games.  We will use the demerit system and if receive 3 demerits you will be booted from the league.    As a note HoffNasty will receive a demerit automatically if I am given one at any time in HSTL. 
      Game Log - Google Doc
      The game tracker has been modified with some enhancements.   
      The records/standings are now on it's own tab The names have been changed to include the official discord name where you can copy and paste names to tag owners  The matchups tab will now show you what games you have left to play.  You can use the ctrl key to highlight owners in white, copy the cells,  then paste them in discord to tag owners that you have not played yet.   
      Updated Matchup Tab - (Games you have not played yet are in white)
      (Hold the ctrl key down to select multiple owners)   
      (Shift key can be used to select a group of owners)
    • By Darth RockMan
      TTL30 can now begin!   Deadline is April 16th @10AM.    
      Google Doc
      Based of a suggestion from JoeyGats I've moved to a google doc for TTL instead of Dynastyphile.   The reason for the move is that no one supports Dynastyphile anymore and even if it was supported the commish has to key in every matchup (168 matchups).   This will simplify things and allow for custom changes in the future.  
      This is mainly for the new guys. Nothing has changed.  You play each team in your division once.   The google doc has a picture of the divisions as well as a number (1 -4) to try and identify who has what team.   Since everyone has two teams you will play 6 games in each division for a total of 12 games. I'm expecting some questions on this so feel free to ask.      

      Home away is decided by a coin flip.   Winner can take their choice of P1 or P2.   It can also be mutually decided prior if owners do not care that much.   Biggest impact would be that  P1 would have an onside kick advantage.  
      We will have 6 teams in each conference making the playoffs with the top 2 seeds receiving a bye.    League then changes to a called match up league with Madison rules.   Higher seed is the automatic winner of the coin toss and can call the match up or defer.  The championship game will be a coin toss.   You can only call a match once throughout the playoffs.   
      If there is a record tie we will go head to head records first then total point differential.   If there is a three way tie with no clear head to head winner due to some circular logic we will use point differential. If it is for the 6th and final seed I reserve the option to call an additional game to determine the 6th seed. 
      We will no longer have ties in the regular season.   You will keep playing until someone wins for sudden death.   
    • By Darth RockMan
      TTL playoff bracket has been posted and games can begin!  .  http://challonge.com/TTL29    Schedule your game with your opponent soon.  
      Playoffs move to madison type game play.   Higher seed is the automatic winner of the coin toss and can call the matchup or defer.   However, the final championship game will be a coin toss as seeding will not matter for the final game.   As a reminder, matchups can only be called once. 
      The game must be streamed on Twitch and announced ahead of time if at all possible.  @TTL should be tagged prior to the game or if is firmly scheduled.  If you can not stream you MUST record the game and we will have one of the streamers replay the game.   
      The winner should send me a PM with the following information.  
      1) Matchup
      2) Who called the matchup
      3) Score
      4) NSV file
      Do not post recaps in the discord room or give away the winner until the game has been streamed.  
      ChampionShip game will be streamed and will have announcers.  
      Good luck gents!  
    • By Darth RockMan
      TTL29 is Now Under Way!   
      Deadline is Wednesday, Feb 14th at noon.   I will be releasing all the roms at once.   This is the way I have always done it and there were more people interested in having them all released then I realized. That being said I do not want the @ttl tag being used to get games in.  There are 28 folks in the league so that means you have games with less then half the league.  Tag folks individually or send direct messages.    
      The "owners" tab is missing under standings if you have not noticed.   This would combine the wins of both teams and provide standing.  I have not been able to figure that out yet and there is no response from the support e-mail.  Hoping we can get that working soon.  
      Twitch Streaming
      I am of fan of everyone streaming their games on Twitch and interacting with everyone watching the games. Our last season we only had a few twitch streamers but now with the expansion there are many more that can stream!  So stream away and feel free to tag @ttl   Yes, I have double standards.   lol      I have the TTL logo below and pinned on discord for those that want to add that to your stream.  
      ChampionShip Game
      Competition looks pretty tough this season and am already looking forward to the playoffs.  The championship game will be announced and streamed this season so get your popcorn ready!    GL to everyone and let the games begin.   
      Twitch TTL Logo

    • By Darth RockMan
      Welcome back to the 14 prior TTL owners and welcome to the 14 new TTL owners!   If you can do math that makes 28 owners for this season of TTL.  
      Format is TTLAFC & TTLNFC.    We will have two separate leagues for the regular season which will then merge into the TTLAFC Vs TTLNFC in the playoffs. There will be 6 playoff spots per conference with the top two seeds in each conferences getting first round bye's.   Playoffs will be single elimination.  
      TTL NFC & AFC Draft Doc  (Two Tabs)
      You will draft two teams from two different divisions and play each team in that division once.   See the google doc for the divisions.  You can not draft two teams from the same division as you can not play yourself.  Notice that three teams have handicaps.  SF, IND, and new this year is NE.   See handicap details in the google draft doc.  

      I've created a TTLNFC & TTLAFC league in dynastyphile.   We will no longer use the prior TTL site that Clark made.  I was still using his ID and PW so this seemed like the best time to "let old things die".   http://onlinetecmo.com/main/default.php
      We use the tapmeter rom for every game.  No need to download a weekly ROM.  Winner uploads the save state to dynastyphile.  Home and away is important otherwise it will not upload. 
      Everyone will need to have an account and then go to "Invitations to new leagues" to get access to both conferences.  (You really only need access to your conference however, you will need access to view the other league. That way you can see who the biggest loser is.)
      League Name         Password
      TTLAFC                    madisonafc
      TTLNFC                    madisonnfc

      See the other thread for official rules.  We use all madison rules.  No condition checker.  
      Lots of new players in the league this season.  Can't explain everything so feel free to ask questions. 
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