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(NES) Tecmo Super Bowl 1966-1994 seasons


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Tecmo Super Bowl 1966-1994 seasons



Here is a collection of 1966-1994 Tecmo Super Bowl roms. I added the 2002 rom that I completed a while ago, too. It is by no means perfect or final, but I feel it's as good as I like it to be for now. I would like to thank all the guys at Tecmo Bowl.org., because it was all their hard work that allowed me to make these roms in the first place. 


In order to edit the players in a way that would reflect the seasons that the roms were designed for, and allow the game to feel and play a lot like the original, I had to assign player ratings that were similar to each and every player in the classic NES Tecmo Super Bowl. In other words, I had assigned the fastest running back (based on most yards from scrimmage, mind you) with the only 75 maximum speed rating, that in my opinion had been erroneously given to Bo Jackson. If anyone deserved a rating like that (I think nobody does, really), it's Thurman Thomas. He had a monster three or four years going, if you were to take into account of what he did on the field and where his team ended up in those years. But I digress.


Although offensive players were a lot easier to rate, I found that offensive linemen and defensive skilled position players weren't and that a lack of info made them almost impossible. I can sort of live with that, though. If it wasn't for the internet, and Pro Football Reference.Com for that matter, it would have been impossible to edit any. I was at least able to edit the all pros for those years, making them the best at their positions.


The basic formula I had to come up with when assigning player ratings had to be based on participation and production, not on popularity. Having said that, I had to be fair to all the players who excelled in seasons where their peers were either absent due to injury or failed to outplay their teammates. Keep in mind that some productive offensive players had to be replaced with Kick and Punt returners - with the lack of space on the roster, I tried to make the depth charts as accurate as I possibly could.


(List of Edits)


The 1966-69 roms for the most part contain Carther's rosters, as I had no time to edit them myself. I just wanted to edit the rom's menus so that it looks similar to the ones that I had created for the 1970-94 roms, which is to look and feel like the original despite the years that they were based on. There is supposed to be double base posts for the uprights in the 66 rom. Having said that, the upright cutscenes in the 66 rom are not all finished, mainly because I can't find where to edit two of them. Hopefully, I'll find where to do that some day, or even better, someone can tell me where to look for them. The playoff format works like it should in the 66 rom (thanks to Carther), but I couldn't fix the 67 and 69 formats that Carther created, so that the duplicate team playoff games are skipped. Hopefully, someone will post how to do that, as I don't have any inkling how to edit any playoff codes in the game.


1970-1975 roms contain only the 26 teams at that time.


Team rosters and depth charts, as well as pro bowl teams, are all accurately edited to reflect their corresponding seasons.


At least 99% of the players will have the correct name spelling, jersey number, for the most part his face image, as well as skin color.


Accurate team city names.


Accurate home and away game schedules and their actual dates.


Helmet colors and logo designs, as well as uniforms, were all redone to be based on each year they were used.


All playbooks were edited to somewhat match the team's yearly offense, but some liberties were taken to make use of every play that's available in the game.


(game rules)


1966-77 roms were juiced a bit. Week 1 games will play like Week 3 if the player's team had been 2-0 in the original TSB. This was done so that a 14-0 win/loss season will play like a 16-0 win/loss season when entering the playoffs. 


1966: double fg bases - to give it that vintage look before the slingshot design was made standard.


1966-71: hash marks are spread out (NCAA still uses this method)


1966-1973: 40 yard kick off position - Tecmo logos are located there, too; front field goal posts (imagine them as being transparent when players stand on them, because I do. :) - field goal kicking length was increased to make up for closer field goal posts;  ball will be placed at the opponent's 20 yard line after any missed field goals; no overtime in man games, as well as auto skipped games. Note: the overtime hack doesn't work as good as I would have liked it to - playoff games will end up in ties, but a random winner is decided by the computer anyway, allowing one of the teams to move on to the next round. This only applies to skipped games - "man" games will still go into overtime during the playoffs. 8 team playoff schedule format. 14 game schedule.


1966: 4 team playoff schedule format.


1967-1969: playoff codes is not as is should be. Check above for reason.


1974-1977: 8 team playoff schedule format. 14 game schedule.


1978-1989: 10 team playoff schedule format.


1982: short season rom contains the 12 team playoff schedule format, as I wasn't able to implement a 16 team playoff format...not sure if it's even possible to do this, anyway.


1994: 30 yard kick off position - Tecmo logos are located there, too. All missed FGs will be placed at the spot of the kick. No two point conversion hack. Maybe one day someone will figure this out and I'll add it later. I hope. :)


2002: As a bonus, I added this rom. I had created it some years ago, but never bothered to post it on the site.

Well, I hope you enjoy the roms. Cheers.


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I already downloaded.  It turns out that I needed to extract the files or else I would have just gotten the 1970 season.


Here's a little bit of an added bonus:  When I first simulated the 1970 season, the Browns made it all the way to the Super Bowl, but lost to the Over-the-Hill Gang.  To be fair, the Browns did make the playoffs in 1970.  But still.

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Think these are great, and very solid with the player ratings overall.  Only thing I'd add is that there have been some great receiving running backs in history that were sub-par rushers (Keith Byars specifically, as example), so I disagree with the idea of giving max speed based upon total yards from scrimmage.  Guy averaged 3.6 yards/carry over his entire career, and never rushed for more than 577 yards (his first year in the NFL) in a season.  Just food for thought.  And these would great in NES cart form. :wink:



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I'm liking this.  Thought it was too easy at first, but then I lost back-to-back games with the '78 Jets and started to get into it more



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Just wanted to say thanks for these ROMs! Amazing work! I've been working on and off on a couple of different historical ROMs for years now, namely a more accurate 1991 season (which is basically redundant by now anyway, but does have my own flavor to it, I guess), as well as 1987 ROMs for both the Replacement players and the regulars, each with numerous hacks/upgrades (COM juicing, PC/PA split, etc., snap fumbles, increased injury%, etc.), but I consider them ongoing WIPs. In my head I would have loved to do exactly what you did--go all the way back to, say, 1970 (seems like a good cut-off point), with accurate helmets and uni colors and rosters and everything--but clearly it was never going to happen. ?


Your ROMs have actually even been educational for me. Right now I'm playing 1974 with the Packers--I'm a huge Packers fan, Packers history nut, secret John Hadl fan, and glutton for terrible teams....and good lord, this team is nothing without John Brockington and Ted Hendricks! I noticed some things in the rosters that didn't look right ("WhyTF is Joe Theisman WR4?" ?), but turned out to be accurate upon further research. Such as that Joe Theisman played PR for the Redskins in '74, and that Jim Otto did in fact wear #00 throughout his illustrious Raiders career (and in researching that, I discovered Jim Otto is from my hometown of Wausau, WI! He, Jeff Dellenbach, and Dave Krieg playing at D.C. Everest for a year are pretty much Wausau's only claims to fame ?).


I did tweak a couple of the faces (mostly Packers players at the moment because they're who I know most) but I agree with your choices for the vast majority of them. And I tweaked some of the QB stats and SIM ratings as well (as bad as you had Jerry Tagge, IMO he should have been even worse....like, "PC=13" worse ?) to try to reflect the era's much lower Comp% and higher INTs, but some increased juiceage might be in order for that to take effect.


Anyway, I'm loving these ROMs and I thank you for what can only have been an ungodly amount of work and research. ?

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Well, I won my first - '78 - season, and then fell short in four-in-a-row ('80, '82-84).


This ROM is no pushover.


1985 ?...


My regular season outing (just-now) went illustriously ...



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I'm planning to re-rate the 1976 rom. Everything's a little too high for my taste. I'll probably also change the playbooks. I've moved towards making all playbooks similar and playable rather than historically accurate. I'm excited that all the teams are in the correct divisions, though, and everything else looks good so far. This is the year I was born and the Raiders won the Super Bowl for the first time, so I always wanted to have a rom for this year. If you want to give any suggestions for ratings, I will consider all opinions. 

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It's interesting how much fullbacks carried the ball in 1976 compared to just 14 years later in 1990. I decided to give all fullbacks between 81 and 94 hp and just vary rs/ms like this:








Halfbacks range mostly between 19 and 38 hp, with a couple of outliers up to 63 hp. Their ms is 31 to 63. Kick and punt returners in a rb spot have 56 hp, and i'm thinking of giving them 63 rs.


On to the QBs.

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went way back in time - pre-Bolt - to '72:



1st, with Lamonica-to-Biletnikoff's Raiders...12-1-1, lost 1st round to Namath's Jets!!


Now, with Tarkenton's Vikings...10-4 (after starting 9-0, a 4-game skid...), then, OT-squashed Bears/planted washington/out-dueled '10-4' - undefeated, IRL, of course - MIA!


<> Win / WIN !!!

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Let me preface this:



From: (Bolt)
Sent: March 12, 2022
To: (Fam, and Friends)
I don't know if anyone else here is ANGRY at putin's own scorpionic, calculating inhumanity - but YOU should be - but you should be.

This one goes out to all those not weak-&-heartless enough to actually give a damn [about anything other than their own comfort-level, for instance, too] /
This is for all those on the same Team /
This is for all those not on "team cowboy / empire / negativity / divide-&-conquer savagery" [of which, there R personality-types] <>

Need a break from all that Russian aggression?


Golden Earring - Radar Love live in Amsterdam 1992
{Live from 1992: the LIGHTING up in that Netherlands joint looks phenomenal <> Check-out that Video!}

Accordionista, chanteuse, and theater artist Simone Perrin has performed with the likes of Kevin Kling and the Guthrie Theater company. Here Perrin performs ...

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Bring Down The Power · Ella Andall Bring Down The Power ℗ 2000 Copyright Music Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT) Released on: 2000-01-01 Auto-generated by YouTube.





From the PBS special This Land Is Your Land



The Message - Gary Bartz, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad Join our Jazz Is Dead Subscription: https://jazzisdead.bandcamp.com/subscribe Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/34rWN1q Learn More at http://www.jazzisdead.co Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jazzisdead https://www.facebook.com/JazzIsDeadOfficial/ Twitter ...
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Cruisin' Oldies








This is "Neil Young Rockin' In The Free World; SNL [September 30, 1989]" by Chris Delacruz on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people…




Provided to YouTube by Red Bullet Productions BV Radar Love · Golden Earring The Long Versions - Part One ℗ Red Bullet Released on: 2008-10-22 Artist: Golden Earring Auto-generated by YouTube.


 > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >


now - let me provide some further context ...



text to a Friend  :
Well, it's in the books...
Pining again for some '72 action, I set out united with Ukraine. I needed a blue & yellow team. Either SD Chargers or LA Rams. SD it is. Fitting too, cuz they got a lotta Eastern European - like, Bob Babich and such - names...

Close enough. Let's play ball, you dirty Russians...
Only teams we lost to in the regular season were Dolphins - yes, THOSE Dolphins - Cowboys, and Baltimore Colts (for some reason)...

The Chargers "dark" uniforms looked so epic, so perfectly Ukrainian flag colors.
Every match against RAI was a battle - incl. 1st game of the playoffs - I think I had to come back in each (of 3, total). Felt fun to play against team I previously played with...

The chargers lite uniforms looked like Ukrainian military fatigues, it occurred to me late in the game.

text to fam/Frnd :
I drive by an NFL practice facility nightly. The hotel there is lit top1/2 Blu, lower Yello now.
So cool.

text to same Fr  :
Russians got em outnumbered, but Ukrainians got em out-Babich'd, 2-to-1!
QB Hadl knows something about that...he donned number 21 for Dem Chargas.
Slava Ukraini!

Slava Ukraini..."Glory to Ukraine," is a special insult to russia. The soviets once banned the phrase and, so immortalized it.
'72 GREAT Rom btw...Do play...


{Featured a 10-pt, 4th-quarter Comeback, then Defensive-STAND to prevent RAI win.

TD catches by te Norman, rb Edwards-R.I.P.  (Hadl throws)
TD run by rb Garrett}
These were The UNDEFEATED - IRL - '72 Dolphins, remember ...

{Another, 4-pt, 4th-quarter Comeback, then STUCK Csonka/ recovered his fumble to preserve W.

TD catches by either our wr Garrison, or rb Garrett - or both - i forget (Hadl)
42-yd FG by Partee}

Let's look at the evolution of Hadl, shall we?...
Taxi driver?...
... Alf?
Well- this was Hadl against the cowboys - AKA, russian forces (fresh offa their win over wackington... I had to laugh when I saw those two match-up, for their chance at the Prize...) -
here in shotgun, from the opponent 5 - after wr Dicus had just-caught a long pass & out-grappled his way to out-of-bounds (before really getting tackled) WITH 1 SECOND LEFT IN THE GAME (at which time, we're down 3 points... do ya shoot for OT?... Nah- who wants more bloodshed? Let's end this, with Victory! SLAVA!) - pump-fakin' / findin' no one open / takin' off on boot <>
[note the position of those goalposts !]
Dude, i was so pumped.  (Was gonna take a selfie - rockin' my Blue & Gold jersey/Jets oldschool hat (green & white) - but then I forgot.)

Tecmo Super Bowl 1972 Season - Stay Classy

{As previously stated, this featured yet another, 3-pt, LATE-4th-quarter Comeback:  LAST-second, 5-yd Walkoff CHAMPIONSHIP shotgun-Pass-play RUN.  (We did it without standout rb Garrett, too, who was injured early.)

TD catches by wr's Dicus, Garrison (Hadl)
TD runs by rb Edwards-R.I.P.,  qb Hadl}

Oh- & I had this on during 'Ship
Let me just say that the Ukrainian People are SO TOUGH.  I don't know how they do it.  I HAD to do it - WIN - for them, but their toughness made me Win/ i couldn't have done it otherwise.
Is this just Tecmo?  No:  it's INSPIRATION, folks...
WIN at all costs
Edited by Bolt
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11 hours ago, William Ford said:

Hello tecmo bowl family what emulator do I need to play this game because it will not open on the emulator I currently have now

@William Ford, you can find some here:


Emulators - TBORG (tecmobowl.org)


Or depending on what you are using, check these out:


5 Best NES Emulators for All Your Devices to install [2022]


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