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Supa Bo, pick that

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Champione...  EVERYONE under the Sun - Who you gots?!?



 Sunday, 2/4/2018 6:30pmE.T.                 






{@ Minneapolis, Minnesota - Vikings stadium.}




Conference-championship Borgger MedalShip, 'ere:


(Silver was won by 1-1 piccs, I forgot to mention...)

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There is only one reason why the Eagles can potentially pull away with the upset:  The Patriots have never dominated in a Super Bowl.  All eight trips starring Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have been competitive from the first to fourth quarters.  Be as it may though, only Eli Manning and the Giants have been able to best them in the biggest stage in the league.  And the only quarterback to defeat Brady in a Championship game that wasn't a Manning was Joe Flacco in 2012, on the heels of Ray Lewis' retirement run.


As such, I'm gonna still go with the Patriots to win.  And honestly, even though I'm not going to give it much attention, that's probably the team I'm leaning on rooting for.  Simply because Eagle fans cannot be permitted to know happiness.

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Carrying that http://rs114.pbsrc.com/albums/n264/jjfan06/football/footballtrophy-1.gif~c200 This, Final Round are:


@MikeMystery @gojiphen malor @Bolt @TecmoSuperFan




However, 7-4 GOJIPHEN MALOR won the http://www.weeklystorybook.com/.a/6a0105369e6edf970b01b8d192800d970c-120wi


;  followed closely behind by 6-5 Silver Medallionists, TecmoSuperFan, y @Bodom




And Big Congrats, also, to Overall Champione, 179-88 @Mike Gordan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


{who staved off Valiant Effortists, 175-92 Bodom, y @buck.}

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