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Overthrow Bug Fix Question

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If I don't have space at the exact location as Bruddog stated below for 0x29DBC, can I just input it somewhere else, say  0x2BF70 ?  I have plenty of room from this point on.




at 0x29DBC (assuming you have space the the 2BF40-2C00F) section


SET(0x29DBC, 0x4CFOBF)      

JMP $BFF0             ; jump to 0x2C000 in rom



SET(0x2C000, 0x20319E203D9E4CAF9D)  

JSR $9E31             ; checks for pass result already we wrote over this above so need to run the routine

JSR $9E3D            ; loads PC into $DC and PC + REC into $DD

JMP $9DAF            ; return to the location after the jump instruction


The location to jump to will have to be changed if there is something there. That section is used for a lot of the grapple hacks and some other jstout hacks so for other roms I'd probably have to post a bank switch routine. 

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