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building rom editor tools

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Has anyone here built the actually rom editor tools such as an easy way to choose players or numbers and update the hex code automatically?

I would like to be able to build a tool to do this for CFB '96 for the genesis or NBA Action '94 but not sure where to start. I have done a little bit of programming but have not build a full application. Is this done in the .NET environment using C# or can it be done in Python then build an .exe. I am looking for some advice from smarter people than myself.



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You can use just about any programming language that can read and write files.

I would suggest that you use C# and Visual studio though. I think it would be easier from a development and debugging perspective.

It also makes sense from a deployment perspective because Windows ships with the .NET run-time(s) and your users won't have to download another run-time to run your program.

Also consider targeting an older run-time (even .NET 3.5 probably has all the functionality you want) so that your users don't have to update anything.


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I have started to build the editor tool in C#. This will take me a bit of time that will be extremely basic but you will be able to pick of the 118 teams in a dropdown list and be able to edit some of the attributes of the player data and save it back to the updated rom. I basically have to still code out the mechanism so when a user selects a team via the dropdown list it will auto-populate the attributes in the text boxes automatically. Also, I need to convert the hex code into regular numerical information that is displayed in the game pertaining to quickness, speed, intelligence etc.

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On 2/6/2018 at 4:15 PM, Darrin said:

Thanks BAD_AL! 


Do you know of any of any good resources I could take a look at or some sample code?

The source code for TSBToolSupreme is on GitHub at:
You can look at that if you want.
But basically it's gonna be 

					FileStream s1 = new FileStream(filename, FileMode.Open);
					outputRom = new byte[(int)len];
					ret = true;

Then doing byte manipulation on the 'outputRom' byte array.


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