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QB and Punt Returner Ball Control


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No, you are stuck with QB's having their own BC and PR's defaulting to 56 BC. 



"bruddog, you think it would be efficient enough if the PR was equal to the 56 Ball Control number and all QBs where the number at x286E7?

I haven't fully tested but it looked like if x286C7 is changed to 12 then it forces the game to revert to the normal player path and somewhere it seems to be defaulting the PR equal to the 56 Ball Control. The QB doesn't branch with the PR here allowing x286E7 to be usable for them.


I've learned more about the code since then.  The original code is below:

x2869E:    LDY #$08                     ; PLAYER ID INDEX    LDA ($AE),Y                  ; PLAYER ID    TAX    LDA $70    AND #$1C    CMP #$10    BCS @TACKLED    CMP #$08    BCS @KR_PR                   ; KR/PR    TXA    EOR $70    BMI @QB_OL_PR    TXA    AND #$0F                     ; PLAYER #    BEQ @QB_OL_PR                ; QB    CMP #$06    BCS @QB_OL_PR                ; OL    TXA    JSR L_DD8D    JMP @SKILL                   ; SKILL [email protected]_PR:    CMP #$0A    BCS @QB_OL_PR                ; PR EXIT    ORA #$10                     ; GET KR ID    STA $45    TXA    AND #$80    ORA $45    JSR [email protected]:    LDY #$86                     ; GET PLAYER BALL CONTROL    JSR L_DDAA    TAY    LDA $3D                      ; RANDOM    CMP BALL_CONTROL_VALUES,Y    ; BALL CONTROL SKILL    BCS @TACKLED                 ; TACKLED?    JMP @FUMBLED                 ; [email protected]_OL_PR:    LDA $3D                      ; RANDOM    CMP #$0C                     ; 44 SKILL    BCS @TACKLED                 ; [email protected]:                        ; FUMBLE ROUTINE    LDY #$01    LDA ($AE),Y    AND #$DF    STA ($AE),Y    JSR L_21_BA47    JMP [email protected]:                        ; TACKLED ROUTINE    LDA $71    ORA #$80    STA $71    JMP L_21_85A6BALL_CONTROL_VALUES:.BYTE $12,$11,$10,$0F,$0E,$0D,$0C,$0B,$0A,$09,$08,$07,$06,$05,$04,$03

The hack posted here uses the first lines LDY #$08 as the PRs skill index (which was 56 skill) for the CMP BALL_CONTROL_VALUES,Y line.  The QB kept the branch listed about for the skill value.


Its quite possible to hack this using tables for a team's QB and PR ball control value.  Or even to have the PR use their own ball control skill.

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I want to get some clarification on this.  Is the new PR value here is really 69 (08 @2869e)?  I changed the 0a @286c5 to ff and nothing happened.  If the rebranched value was supposed to be 56 (skill 0a, after changing @286c7 to 12), where was this?


Also, I looked back at this because PRs were fumbling on the rom I'm playing with, but the value @2869e was already 00.  Is this not then an absolute anti-fumbling value?  (03 is 100 BC attribute, but still has a percentage and 00 isn't that far away).


Edit:  It's clear that ff @2869e makes the PR always fumbled, while the same value @286e7 does the same for the QB (xx/256, where xx is a hex value).

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In an effort to make these hacks a bit user friendly, here are the two iterations of this modification


#QB/PR ball control

SET(0x286E7,0xXX) Sets QB Ball Control


#Set PR ball control to 56, Set QB Ball Control
SET(0x286C7,0x12) Sets PR Ball Control to 56
SET(0x286E7,0xXX) Sets QB Ball Control

from what I understand XX is the value to change. And the values are a hex scale of 12 to 03 where 12 is the Ball Control for a 6 rating and 03 is for a 100 rating.


So that last part is what loses me. What are the hex equivalents for the ball control ratings in hex?

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On 9/25/2021 at 10:08 AM, SBlueman said:


So that last part is what loses me. What are the hex equivalents for the ball control ratings in hex?


Hex BC Fmbl%  
12 6 7.10%  
11 13 6.70%  
10 19 6.30%  
0F 25 5.90%  
0E 31 5.50%  
0D 38 5.10%  
0C 44 4.70% (QBs and PRs)
0B 50 4.30%  
0A 56 3.90%  
09 63 3.50%  
08 69 3.10%  
07 75 2.70%  
06 81 2.40%  
05 88 2.00%  
04 94 1.60%  
03 100 1.20%  
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