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College Football USA '96 - 2018 updated rosters


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Has anyone thought of doing a ROM edit for College Football USA '96. The hex offsets are easy enough to find for player numbers and attributes. I just do not know a simple way of inputting the attribute ratings of other college football games into the ROM and there is no ROM editor for the game except for editing via hex.


HEX CODE = 12 3C BB 75 C7

C = QUICKNESS                     
B = SPEED                         
B = INTELLIGENCE                 
7 = RANGE                         
5 = POWER            
C = ????
7 = ????

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I have not yet started updating the rosters. I was asking the community if anyone could get started creating an editor because I know editing the raw hex for 118 teams would be an immense undertaking. Also, I was looking for spreadsheet data that have the ratings for all the teams and position players that have been created for modded updates for NCAA 14 that updated the players and rosters to 2018.  I could use that data to approximate player ratings in CFB 96 but as of yet I have not found the data on the internet, even though I am sure it exists.

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I have started to build the editor tool in C#. This will take me a bit of time that will be extremely basic but you will be able to pick of the 118 teams in a dropdown list and be able to edit some of the attributes of the player data and save it back to the updated rom. I basically have to still code out the mechanism so when a user selects a team via the dropdown list it will auto-populate the attributes in the text boxes automatically. Also, I need to convert the hex code into regular numerical information that is displayed in the game pertaining to quickness, speed, intelligence etc.

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I know this is a very old thread but someone asked me to include College Football USA 97 in the Madden Editor I created a few years ago.  There were a good amount of changes I needed to make for the Madden Editor to work so I just created a standalone editor for College 97, I can add College 96 and was looking to add Bill Walsh 95 as well.  

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