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Ok guys, I'm confused on how to use my 3rd string wide out? Whenever my team lines up with multiple receivers the RB gets put in as a receiver, with the tight end flanked out, but with the backup running back in the game. How do I adjust this?

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      Hi.  I just started recently playing these games.  I posted this here since this forum looks like it gets more traffic than the TSB 2 forum.
      I was wondering.  
      1)  On defense, when do you guys usually call Nickel, Dime, and Goal Line defenses?
      2)  When do you guys usually utilize audibles on defense?
      3)  When do you guys usually utilize audibles on offense?
      What I've been been doing lately is just treating this game like TSB 1.  On offense, I never audible.  And on defense, I never call anything except Normal defense and I never audible.
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      Hi, I'm looking for a spreadsheet containing the SNES TSB roster and team data. Ideally teams, players, attributes etc, the more detailed the better.
      I've found similar spreadsheets for NES but not for SNES. 
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    • By bruddog
      Defending the deep bomb does take some luck as sometimes you can be in near perfect/or perfect position and it still doesn't matter. But you can improve your chances by not doing the following



      1. Do not just run straight back at the snap.


      I see many new players and sometimes vets do this. Their defender is sitting all the way in the back of the endzone or far way because they just ran back and they have almost 0 chance of stopping the deep bomb unless the pass is poorly thrown to begin with. 


      To improve your chances you have to try and make it so your defender is near the WR when the ball arrives.



      Some ways to do this are.


      1. Wait to start dropping deep with your DB until the WR has a sizeable lead down the field as your defender 

      2. Run back right at the snap but come start coming back to the ball when its 1/2 to 3/4 of the way there.

      3. Run back at the snap...pause for a bit...start running again. 


      You have to have a sense of where the WR and your DB are and try to to keep him near the WR even though you can't see the players. 


      This services message has been brought to you by bruddog

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