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Nameless Loser

Last night I won Tecmo Bowl Arcade with Eric and John

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Driving down to 1820 Franklin in Houston (Joystix Classic Games and Pinballs, first and last Fridays of the month are free play for $15 9PM-2AM), I sensed a cabinet was present. (If you go to their website, it's not listed - I don't know if it's for sale or not.) @suicideking81 should find a way to get to this next time he is in Houston.


My sister and I were, amazingly, the only folks playing this one for about an hour. There are 4 sticks, and because it was free play, my sister and I each played 2 players - which is vaguely like most other football games, but even wilder because you control both the players at once. It becomes even crazier because the two players on your side switch off the snap, so every play you alternate throwing with one player and running routes with the other.


Playing the game:

Clearly the most OP play is to option-style run the QB one way and then run the RB the other way. Once the RB gets off screen, you have no idea where he went in terms of depth, so it's pretty tough for the MAN to track your receiver. My sister got some big plays on that despite the fact I had my second player in deep safety coverage in the area. If you guys know the "princess and the monster" game theory, that's basically the passing game here.

Plus, like Tecmo Bowl on NES, no grapple blocking, so you can run right through the line.

Consequently you have to have a strong pass rush to prevent the QB from throwing the football off screen.

Mashing joystick is pretty powerful in this game - you can toss MAN and CPU much like Tecmo III, when you have a power back moving forward. Also the CPU has a really tough time bringing you down, you can break 10+ tackles on a play.

Accuracy from jumping in front of QB may be affected, but I didn't get enough reps on the system to try it.

Leading receivers is tough, typically you want to stop the player before you throw.

As folks have mentioned on the forum, laterals, you get put into a random formation at the snap, dive tackling is powerful.


Some notes on this unit:

All the sticks and buttons seem to be working pretty well.

Screens are in good shape.

Red buttons on the bottom have been rigged up to insert credits (to gain more playing time).

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Even in the mid 80's Tecmo forsaw that the best two players in the history of the game were gonna be Eric & Johnny!!!!!!!  In all seriousness, when I first played that game more than 20 years ago, I was really exited to play a tecmo football game I never played before.................but then..............the players were all slower than Pat Beach, and I never attempted to play it again.......

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