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On 1/22/2018 at 5:37 PM, Knobbe said:

Why is the detergent of choice for teens to eat Tide? We are an All Free and Clear household


I don’t understand why anyone would eat detergent anyways. That just seems crazy to me. 


Especially when you can just buy the powder and snort it. 

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In 1976, Lewis was infamously arrested outside Elvis Presley's Graceland home for allegedly intending to shoot him. Lewis had already nearly killed his bass player Butch Owens on September 29 (his forty-first birthday) when a .357 accidentally went off in his hand. In Rick Bragg's 2014 authorized biography Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story, Lewis explains that the reclusive Presley had been trying to reach him and finally did on November 23, imploring that he "come out to the house." Lewis replied that he would if he had time but that he was busy trying to get his father Elmo out of jail in Tunica for a DUI. Later that night, Lewis was at a Memphis nightclub called Vapors drinking champagne when he was given a gun. "Charles Feron, he owned Vapors, he give it to me," Lewis explained to Bragg. "A .38 derringer. Me, pretty well drunk, with that derringer – it ain't somethin' strange." Lewis suddenly remembered that Elvis wanted to see him and, climbing aboard his new Lincoln Continental with the loaded pistol on the dash and a bottle of champagne under his arm, tore off for Graceland. Just before three o'clock in the morning, Lewis accidentally smashed into the famous Graceland gates because "the nose of that Lincoln was a mile long." Presley's astonished cousin Harold Lloyd was manning the gate and watched Lewis attempt to hurl the champagne bottle through the car window, not realizing it was rolled up, smashing both. "I'm here to see Elvis," Lewis declared. Bragg reports that Lewis denies ever intending to do Presley harm, that the two were friends, but "Elvis, watching on the closed-circuit television, told guards to call the police. The Memphis police found the gun in the car and put Jerry Lee, protesting, hollering, threatening them, away in handcuffs." Lewis: "The cops asked Elvis, 'What do you want us to do? And Elvis told 'em, 'Lock him up.' That hurt my feelings. To be scared of me – knowin' me the way he did – was ridiculous." Lewis was charged with carrying a pistol and public drunkenness. Released on a $250 bond, his defiant mug shot was wired around the world. Presley would die at Graceland of a heart attack eight months later.
-- Courtesy, youtuber Crazy Don (5/8/'15)

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2 hours ago, Knobbe said:

I have unintentionally proven that the off-topic section can be the cause of unnecessary hostility 

That's a heck of a narrative right there... 

























Cool Story bro 8) 

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I think that Weird Al should do a parody of August Greene's "Black Kennedy":


If I had a lab

It would be a black lab

Black lab

Black puppy dog




And dressed like this


would be just fine for music video purposes, too.

Edited by Bolt

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