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Thunderdome X: Bracket Round Video Recaps

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FINAL 4:  Rico vs Prime


No video recap available due to neither having working nsv.  Recap is underneath image below.




  • Rico wins coin toss and calls PHX-DAL
  • Prime takes Dallas


  • Rico kicks off to Prime to open game. Emmitt Smith had one great run up the gut to get to about the 40 yard line. But after a couple of called plays Dallas (Prime) was forced with a fourth-down. The Cardinals (Rico) had excellent pass coverage on 4th Down and Troy Aikman was sacked by a drone.
  • Phoenix (Rico) took over on Downs move the ball slightly but had to settle for a field goal.   PHX 3-0
  • Dallas (Prime) again received the kick this time not making it to midfield and after a called play on 3rd down had to punt on 4th and 16.  PHX takes over.
  • Dallas (Prime) played excellent defense on the following drive, but one big run up the gut, where Defender was knocked down and Johnny Johnson was able to run in the endzone with 23 seconds left at halftime.   PHX 10-0.




  • Opening drive of the second half Dallas (Prime) calls two of PHX's plays and it was a quick three-and-out forced punt.
  • Dallas (Prime) then drives  all the way down to the 10-yard line very easily but was stopped there and had decision on 4th down.  Dallas (Prime) wisely went for the field goal to make it a one-possession game field goal was BLOCKED and Cardinals took over.
  • After a long pass, Phoenix (Rico) was able to punch it in again with Johnny Johnson to take the lead.  PHX 17-0 and seal the deal.
  • Dallas (Prime) added a touchdown with a minute left in the fourth quarter on the following drive.   



PHX (Rico) 17 

DAL (Prime) 7

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