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Thunderdome X: Bracket Round Video Recaps

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All Bracket Round games will be streamed either live by the players or by me.  I will post links to the twitch/youtube pages in this thread.


Matchup Call Tracker:  http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69977-thunderdome-x-matchup-call-tracker/



Challonge Link:  http://challonge.com/ThunderdomeXBracketPlay


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Round 1:  VikingMoe vs The Shield






Coin Toss Winner:  VikingMoe

Matchup Call:  DEN-SD

The Shield takes:  SD


Recap from the Shield: 

VikingMoe won the toss and kicked off. SD (the_shield) had a nice long 1st drive which took basically the whole quarter up and draws first blood. 7-0. Denver (vikingmoe) marched down the field taking up as much time on the clock as well. Inside the 20 SD's defense decided to put a stop to this and on a 4th down call, a picked play with under a minute stops Denver from any score before the half. 7-0. Denver gets the ball to start the second half and on the first series ends up going for it on 4th down again inside their own 20. Another fail on 4th down and a couple plays later SD goes up 14-0. After a nice couple of runs Denver is looking good for a score of their own but a fumble by the TE stops any momentum they had. SD takes over and a nice drive by BJT takes them right down the field and scores again. 21-0. A late drive by Denver to get some points on the board stops any thought of a shutout SD thought they would get. Final score 21-7 SD. GG VikingMoe.

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