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Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 Scoring Glitch

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Played a pre-season game between Texans and Jags today and experienced a scoring glitch.  The extra point attempt following my first touchdown was treated as a field goal.  Ended up with 9 points off of the score.


This is using the brudtopia emulator and TecmoBowl.org's TSB 2018 file.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Any ideas what might have caused it?

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    • By Green Majik
      Anyone experienced this glitch while trying to block a punt? 
      In a game as the Patriots v Browns, I dove and tackled the punter with Vincent Brown I believe. The punter's bar froze while the clock continued to run. The ball-carrier icon remained above the punter's head and the camera followed him as the ball-carrier, except the down never ended. My team kept pop-corning him, all the way into the Brown's defending end zone. Lol! I had to reset the game and start over. 

    • By Thearchangelmikeyg
      I'm running into a weird glitch using TSBTool Supreme... I'm working on a custom season rom for myself, nothing fancy, I like to have various years to play with.  The one I'm working on right now is losely based on the 1994 season.  I'm using Kreb's TSC though, because I love it.  I've edited several this way just to relive old glory.  Anyway, when I try to enter in my NFC West teams with the stats I want, it causes the following error in Nestopia...
      Cpu: warning, DCP opcode executed
      Cpu: warning, LAX opcode executed
      Cpu: jammed!
      I know this because after the first one didn't work, I created a fresh rom and entered each team in manually, testing as I went, and didn't have a problem until I got to the 49ers.  I've tested this several times with the same result...until I input the NFC West, everything is fine.  My question is, are there simply certain stat combos that don't work?  I know the 32 team rom is dealing with more info than it was meant to, could that be it?  I'm sorry, I have no useful knowledge with actual programming.
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