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Question about editing defensive reactions with TSB Play Maker

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So I am trying to figure out how to make the COM defense a bit better vs the pass for Man vs COM and COM vs COM games. Say for example this play:





This is the default defensive reactions:




Since this orders the defensive reactions from Run 1 to Pass 4, the code reads:


Run Slot 1: B8

Run Slot 2: B8

Run Slot 3: B9

Run Slot 4: B9

Pass Slot 1: BB (blitz byte)

Pass Slot 2: BA

Pass Slot 3: BA

Pass Slot 4: BA


As we know, picking run vs this play leaves people open downfield. So if we wanted better coverage on run calls vs this play, would you want to change all the run defenses to BA? I am assuming B8 is the worst coverage and B9 is minimal coverage. 

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In my experience, your suspicions are correct.  Changing the run defense reactions to BA will improve pass coverage.  Bear in mind though, this also makes a MAN's pass defense better vs. the COM when MAN picks a run play on defense, so I don't know if you really gain anything.  Plus, it sort of whitewashes play-picking strategy a little bit (i.e. if your priority is to stop the run so you call a run play on D, you should expect your team will play better vs. the run than if you had picked a pass play).  

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