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High Noon Honeycutt

Best Running Plays Against Great Corners

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1 hour ago, High Noon Honeycutt said:

What are your thoughts on the best running playbook to use against the best CB1s including the likes of Haddix and Woodson.  What about running plays against teams with good CB2s like San Diego?  I know that the Run and Shoot sweeps work well, but what are the other most effective runs?

Well Vs Db1 only teams Like Tb, Atl run3 T-Cross Run L is excellent play vs Db1. But i don't run it lot cuz one can shoot the gap in the "A Gap" with an good Lb2.3. So i only run if i know the opponent only good defender is the db1. Vs Teams Like Wash sd with 2 great cb's i Like to run 2 Sweeps to attack both corners but i need 2 rb's to make it work. Maybe run 3 T-cross Run L and Run 1 Power Sweep R or Run 2 T-Sweep Strong. Of course both of these runs can be stopped by Lb shooting the A-gap. So don’t run em vs teams with Good backers. R+s run Toss Up is very good  play vs Lb1 ( double team block) and Db1. A savvy defender may man up the Lb1 trying to bait u to pick the play. The r+s sweep Run3 Right probably is best running play as has two pulling guards ( only 1 pulls when ur the defender picks run ). Also the Lb1 is not blocked. Now you would think it's a strong vs db2 man player. But one manning up Db2 can stop this play 4 a loss using the db 2 move @Nosis very good at it. What u do is move the db2 on sorta of 45degree angle and funnell the rb towards the Lb4 drone to trap the rb b4 the pulling guards get there.

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