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San Diego Chargers HSTL S42 Recaps

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WK 1 Raiders @ Chargers


A tough divisional match-up to kick the season off.  The Chargers jumped out to a 10 point lead after an opening drive FG and long TD run from Barry (setup by a Raiders fumble on a long kickoff return).  Other Chargers highlights included a 50-yard JJ to the other Barry (Word), 3 field goals from trash-legged Zendejas, and Rodney Peete doing everything he could to avoid throwing in Waymer's direction.  The Chargers held Mel Gray to minimal rushing yards, but had no trouble giving up big runs to Harry Sydney instead.      


With a 20 - 7 halftime lead, the Chargers did just enough to hold off a Raiders rally, picking Elway twice.


FINAL SCORE:  Chargers 23 - Raiders 14



GG Zuir

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WK 11 Browns @ Chargers


The Chargers three week stretch of losses (seriously, just atrocious) comes to end as Cleveland's luck finally runs out.  All it took was a missed FG in OT by the Browns to give the Chargers new life with two minutes left.  Also, having Rodney Peete inexplicably in Excellent condition (as opposed his typical Bad or Injured) allowed for some key scrambles and a season record-shattering 50% completion mark.


FINAL SCORE:  Chargers 27 - Browns 21



GG @tecmobo

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