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Thunderdome X (11/26/17): General Info and Sign ups! (Sign ups now CLOSED)

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WHAT:  Thunderdome X Online Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament

WHEN:  Begins 12/3/17 and expected to last 4-6 weeks.   **This could start earlier**

WHERE:  In the comfort of your own home or in your mother’s basement.


WHO:  Open to all with max of 64.  HOWEVER, I hold the right to reject an entry if there seems to be potential shadyness (eg. Tdfreddie from 2 years ago).  Also, if you are brand new to online there may be play-in games depending on how many entries we end up with.  Once I reach 48 sign ups, anyone beyond that may not be guaranteed a spot. Since I need groups of 4, anything beyond 48 will need 4 more to lock your spot in. You would be guaranteed once we get to 52, 56, 60, 64 etc. So if there are 48 and two more people sign up making it 50, they will make up a wait list or have to play a play-in game, until 2 more sign up to get to 52.


Buy-In:  FREE!!


Format:  Group Play (Round Robin, 4 per group) followed by single elimination bracket.  There will be a consolation bracket as well!  For more specific details on format (IMPORTANT) click here:   http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69974-thunderdome-x-format-details/


Rules: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69975-thunderdome-x-official-rules/


Stream: ‪Games will be streamed from group play onward.  Recommend those that can stream, to live stream their own games.


Prizes: Just like last year, Thunderdome will have cash prizes!  Link with detail breakdown:  http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/70016-thunderdome-x-prizes-announced/



Sign Ups (Deadline 11/22 midnight):  In this thread.  Please reply in this thread with the following information:

  • Discord Handle:
  • Can you host?:  If only with servers, please state this.
  • Your time zone:
  • Best time for you to play:  (eg, Most evenings after 8 EST,  only weekends, only mornings, etc)



Current Sign Ups:

1.  Jesus

2.  Ryan11p

3.  Jebigred

4.  Odell

5.  Hoffnasty9

6.  Retro Nathan

7.  MadtownSpliffstars

8.  Oklahoma (Bo)

9.  Tundrayeti311

10.  War Machine

11.  Ziur

12.  Primetime

13.  JustinPeters

14.  Cubsfan

15.  Joeygats

16.  ptitteri

17.  Toolie

18.  DarthRockman

19.  Segathonsov

20.  QB Lions

21.  TecmoBo

22.  arncoem

23.  Nos

24.  rico

25.  disastamasta

26.  Randywags25

27.  Barletti

28.  Drake

29.  JPtheBowler

30.  Kamphuna8

31.  Suicideking81

32.  Baxter

33.  SimpleSimon

34.  Trojangblan

35.  Player121xk

36.  SammieSmith33

37.  OL’ Dirty Tecmo

38.  Regulator088

39.  Purplehaze

40.  Hankthetank

41.  Vikingmoe02

42.  Shallahbey

43.  Prime

44.  Red98sethuthut

45.  the_shield

46.  Gamehigh

47.  Bighock

48.  Stalltalk

49.  Timbone

50.  MattyD

51.  Swampc

52.  Bruddog

53.  tadaos

54.  Casual_T

55.  JBrooks

56.  dueceloose


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  • Discord Handle: ptitteri
  • Can you host?:  yes, can host and stream
  • Your time zone: Pacific
  • Best time for you to play: weekdays between 5pm and 8pm PST are usually off limits.  other than that, flexible

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Discord: Nos 

Time Zone: CST

I can host and live stream.

Best times: evenings 5:30 - 9:00


one not: I am out of the country with no possibility for games beginning 12/23/17 and won’t return until 01/09/18.

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