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Legends Football League - Rypien's daughter

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Mark Rypien...  Tecmo Legend.  Check out his daughter, this is must see TV for all red blooded male pigs like myself in this world LOL.



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Lol. Is this stuff on tv? Is it any good?


angela rypien....wowz!


forgive me if I sound paranoid, but it would seem the greatest threat to this league is the Bruce Jenner pseudo tranny type athletes trying to get in.


kinda like that black dude with the moustach and the full man package that ran sprints in the girls state track meet this year. He Got first of course. But at least he Had the balls to pretend he was a girl.


and the way things are going, the progressives and the southern poverty law center would label the league a bigoted hate group if they don't allow a dude with a dick and a wig and lipstick and join.

this league has no future, especially in Canada.


but I would try to watch it if I have the opportunity (non tranny).



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