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HSTL Weeks 1 and 2 lines and win % estimates

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THe win%'s and lines account for home field advantage although if I had to guess the only real home field edge is the fact that some people are more comfortable playing as player 1. 


The win%'s and lines don't account for team strength estimates but is there for informational purposes


HW% = home teams 3 yr average win%

AW% = away teams 3 yr average win%

TSCH = team score for home team (scored based on players drafted)

TSCH = team score for away team (scored based on players drafted)

DIH = home team - away team score differential.

PW% = home team predicted win % 

line = estimated home team line (TB vs DET -11 = TB favored by 11). 


highlighted line = average home team spread for the week

highlighted percent on far right = expected prediction win rate of all favored teams 



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