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Vote of Pitt / Swamp's penalty

Swamps' penalty - VOTE  

21 members have voted

  1. 1. What should his penalty be for quitting playoff game before over

    • Loss of 2nd round draft pick
    • Loss of 3rd
    • drops to end of round 2 & 3 this draft, skipping current pick
    • No loss of pick, verbal warning only
    • Loss of 1 PG gain next year

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Swamp quit on purpose during his playoff game vs Dallas w 4 min left in 4th Q.  


This A)makes pain for admins to recreate final 4 min and add to existing sta so can go forward w playoffs


B ) poor sportsmanship & not giving opponent same respect have given you 


C) never happened before, let alone a playoff game 


D) he said he was sorry after 2 hours time after realized how much of a big deal was 

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Voting is over / the championship Game being played signaled  the end of voting.  With 8 votes, verbal warning only.  

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