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Preparation for 2017-18 Predictions - Galaxy United, One Nation under Tecmo

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It is clear Borggers want an inaugural Pickem Season.  How shall we do this?



{Let us consider '4 Weeks to go, Who you got?' (thread) a mere primer to what is to come...  (Bruddog, you might have won, had you got all your picks in on time.)}

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@Bodom, let me / us know what all


On 7/5/2017 at 7:41 AM, Bodom said:

a pick'em league on Yahoo or ESPN


entails (for tallying purposes), if you still think we ought to do that?


I'm sure it's simple enough, but we'll all want to be on the same pg

and ready to rocknroll for Week 1, and pick'ems beyond...



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REMINDER:  Get IN on this thing, YA'LL


SEASON starts Thursday !!!


It's not too late!


On 8/25/2017 at 10:13 AM, Bodom said:

Alright, if anyone is interested, the Tecmo Pick'em group can be joined here.  Just for fun and tracking purposes.  We can use the thread for commentary on our picks.



Group ID#: 6103
Password: johnnyjohnson



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