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July 8, 2017 Grit City USA (Tacoma WA) [Cascadia F%$#ing Tecmo]

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I'll be hosting a Tecmo event Saturday July 8 for PNW Tecmoers. Think of a modified HSTL (drafting the tandems of QBs, RBs, WR/TEs, OL, DL, and DB, all while keeping under the 100 mil Salary Cap using Brudd's attached spreadsheet here tecmo_salary_cap.xlsx ) that we will be able to play ON CONSOLE thanks to the everdrive (and to @madmanyo360 )


This will be an 8 team season, each team playing 10 games, twice vs their division opponents and once vs each team in other division. Very similar to the former Grapple League NTF.


The Roster

1. Kamp

2. @DT. (still a maybe)

3. @invader_star64

4. @SirTed

5. @Tick

6. @boogiewithstu

7. @XtraLargent

8. Joe

(If DT cannot go, I'm fairly sure my man Jay (was at the first Another Castle tourney as well as the 2nd PacRim and the prefunk at Ted's spot that year) can make it.


Draft order will be reverse of the list posted above. OL and all defensive alignments are locked in as OG Rom alignments. One minor change from our first effort is that RBs, TEs and WRs are all interchangeable, however only RBs can run RB plays. WRs and TEs can run WR reverses.


Penalty for going over the cap is still to be deternined (DON'T DO IT!) I'm open to ideas.


League website is below. At the least we'll have rosters and schedule on there. Hopefully we can update stats there in real time, but we will be able to keep stats updated on the Everdrives (fingers crossed)




Plan is to start Week 1 as soon as Xtra Largent gets here ~1pm pst, or sooner if we can't get ahold of one more everdrive.


I'm feeling a $10 entry fee, with fees going to whatever Trophy/Medallion I can manage to get my hands on (or perhaps starting a fund for one more everdrive), and the remaining balance split 70 30 between Champ and Runner Up.


Food, Feel free to bring, or just enjoy the local eats (we got some good spots I can recommend in Grit City)


Beer, I plan on bringing a couple of growlers of Mac n Jack and can point any participants the way to securing their own. Or just BYOB.


Systems. I could use a couple more systems and TVs (CRT please, I got enough TVs otherwise, but would prefer 20-27 inch CRTs and Top Loader systems work best with the Everdrives. Feel free to also bring whatever controllers you got. I got more than enough but can't vouch for how awesomely responsive they all are.


Am I missing anything? I know @~Tailback Queen~  err.. @~Tailback King~ wishes he could make it but he's got some other celebratin to do that weekend.


PS we did a practice run of the draft format and you can find the google doc here


Also for K/P I was thinking we could do the same thing as last time. Name your own and keep them at the standard 50 for attributes.



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Can I get a recap???? 


Here's mine: 


2-0! (3-0 unofficial) Even though I haven't touched the game in 14mon or so. Including a dramatic win from the 1 yard line as time expired. Yesssss!


GM @bruddog did a hellava job. 


Most of all, it was great to see the homies again, even if it was just for a second. Sounds like you guys had a hellava night. Jealous! Also, excited to get the itch back, at least a little. Turns out Tecmo is still fun. 


Thanks a million, @turbohuna4eva!. That was a fun Tecmo get together. 

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Humpty definitely did his thing, and DT had 13 games, while next most was 10 games. Stats and game recaps can be found on our phile.



The highlight of the day follows, and this is probably everything that anyone needs to know about Cascadia Tecmo. Even in absence, @~Tailback King~ brought his Portland Heat to the table, thanks to @SirTed




The Double Elim finals are below. DT had one loss entering and I had zero, So I just had to win one and he had to win two.


I'll have more of a recap once I get the games clipped and uploaded.

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OK Fellas, here's a recap. 


Once everyone got here, we ended up doing a kind of group play with 3 groups of guys tiered per historical success in PNW tourneys etc. 


The 3 groups ended up as conferences on @brookstonfowler 's CFT Phile linked below. 




Group 1 was the Puget Sound featuring me, @DT. and @invader_star64

Group 2 was Cascadia featuring @Tick , @boogiewithstu , and @SirTed

Group 3 was the Hinterlands featuring @XtraLargent , Joe, and JayMC425


We played 3 weeks of "group play" and then 3 weeks of Kamp picks of matchups trying to create the most excitement with past historical classics and matching guys up who haven't played much (also trying to keep from guys who've played each other a ton from doing so like Me and Jay, and Stu and Joe) 

Last few weeks of regular season we basically just tried to mix it up as much as possible since we lost Ted and were gearing towards a double elim playoff after "10 weeks". 


Ted and Tick decided to get started early to save time, and I said fine, but forgot to make sure that the correct guy was home and away so we made this a "later" matchup and they ended up playing again. Ted won both and in some sick twist of fate, I think both games were 28 14. The stream's first matchup was a great one. Me vs DT, Cowboys vs Falcons. QB Matchup was MaJJik vs Kenny O. DT had BHump, while I had all the Niner RBs. If memory serves correctly, I got a stop early and had a stupid CC to AC (DT had the Raiders DBs) to go up 14-7 at half. I think I tried a fg and perhaps also turned it over on 4th down in the 2nd half, but things really just came down to who had the ball last, as Tecmo often does. DT scored a FG to go up 3 late. I returned the kickoff a fair amount, and then it was what we all get hyped for, the end of game Hail Mary JJ attempt. This time MaJJik to AC delivered, AC jumping up from the red zone and landing in the end zone. TD!! MaJJik to AC was MVP. MaJJik was 9/12 for 3 TDs, and AC caught 3 passes all the TDs and 112 yards rcvg 


Week 2 saw DT suffer late game tecmo hate again, this time vs Invader, where BHump fumbled at the 1 yard line with like 1 min left and down 21-17. So that's 2 tecmo heartbreaking 21-17 losses to start this day for DT. Week 2 also had what looked to be an excellent game between Ted and Stu. Ted overcame a lost fumble and scored 14 points in the 4th to win 14-13. With that Ted's day was essentially over, him going 3-0 with the team that @bruddog drafted for him. 


Week 3 saw a tight one between Stu and Tick, where Bruddog commented that first one to 6 would win. Well, Tick scored on a nice pass from BJT to Willie Gault in the 2nd quarter, but Stu responded with a FG at the half, and then a 3rd quarter Allen Pinkett TD which he was able to hold up with his CHI DL and DBs infused with KC's LBs  I was able to win over Invader thanks to not one but two fumbles that Vader lost, and they were timely. Final, 28-17. 


Week 4 saw a couple of blowouts and I was sad cuz I was slated to play Ted, and he had already left. My man Jay was on the stream vs Stu, and he got tecmoed pretty bad. 


Week 5 brought a highly anticipated match between DT and BWagg the XtraLargent one. Twice in the past DT has lost to BWagg on some crazy tecmo shit. The one I remember being a HOU vs BUF match where BWagg scored late with a full on garbage drive. CC, picked play CC, all of the above. I wish there was a recording of that one, lol. There was another one that I don't remember, but I bet you both DT and BWagg could. This one did NOT disappoint. DT worked his way to a 17-7 halftime lead. He had the ball late with the lead. He had gotten 3 fumbles that BWagg had lost.  Then Ken O'Brien proved Bruddog's LVP assessment correct. An int led to some hope. And then Wagg got the ball down 14-17 (we've seen this before today...) It all added up to another crazy ending in another 21-17 loss as Andre Reed hauled in a CC Diver from DeBerg FTW. 


I'll recap the rest in a bit. 

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I forgot to mention at the outset, that @XtraLargent opened up the festivities with some k-nowledge.


Also, We had an interlude between week 1 and week 2 where we got to listen to the lyrical and musical stylin's of Mr. Rida aka @~Tailback King~

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