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TSB NES ProBowl - Changing Teams via Pointers

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Is there a way for me to set the ProBowl teams to actual teams? For a project Im working on I want to make them the JETS and the RAMS but Im having problems finding the correct pointers. I assume the once I find the right pointers I can change them to what the JETS and RAMS use and that show both ProBowl Teams exactly like the JETS and RAMS. I want their Rosters, Names, Initials, Everything to replicate JETS & RAMS for the ProBowl. And help or direction is appreciated.


Again I want the pointers for NFC and AFC ProBowl Teams to point to JETS and RAMS, I do NOT want to just modify the AFC and NFC ProBowl Teams to look like the JETS and RAMS.

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I don't know how good you are with 6502, but here is a stripped ROM.  All you can do without glitching is get to the AFC All Stars screen.  When the ROM loads, immediately get to the main menu.  You'll have to press "up" to get to the team data screen (pressing down glitches the screen and the cursor can't move).  You can select AFC all stars, but can't do anything else.  If you try moving the cursor, the screen glitches.  If you try to select any all stars, it boots you out to the team select screen.  I stripped the ROM so it would be easier to sift through the code (everything not involved with starting the game and navigating the AFC all stars screen should be x00)


I tried running the code logger in fceux while doing nothing but selecting the AFC all stars to see what part of the ROM file is being used to do that in hopes I could figure out where the command to load the all stars screen is, but there is too much code highlighting and I simply don't know what's what.

Tecmo Super Bowl (USA) stripped.nes

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I've been messing with this because I'm trying to eliminate selecting the pro bowl teams altogether, but I can't figure out how to get the cursor to show up properly and have everything work.  I figured out how to get the cursor to show up, but when I selected the first team, it opens up the all stars.  Maybe if I can learn how the game accesses the all stars screens, I can figure out what I want.


In a stripped rom, I found the following at x22c31:



We already know this is the area that tells the game which team to display on the team data screen.  The first option is BUF (x00).  The bit of code before that must have to do with loading the team data screens, as setting it to xff crashes the game if you try to select any team...except the all stars.  I tried putting other values in place of x00, with undesirable (but sometimes amusing) results.  So, where is the code related to opening the all stars screens??


x23b49 begins the cursor positioning for the team data screen.  The first two bytes are for the appearance of the cursor.  The next two (x2020) are the position of the afc all stars.  Then, we have xffff because the next two columns do not exist on that row.  The x3020ffff is for the nfc all stars row.  After that is the rest of the league.  Interestingly, we can change the position of the cursor, but it will still load the team that used to be there.  For example, if we change x23b4d (where the cursor points to the afc all stars) to x4820 (where the cursor points to BUF), it will still load the afc all stars.  If you move the cursor, it will go to the nfc all stars and then back to BUF.  At this point, it will correctly load BUF's team data.


Somewhere in the code the game is saying the cursor must appear next to whatever is entered at x23b4d.


I made two stripped roms: one in which I opened the afc all stars, and one in which I opened the nfc all stars.  I opened the hex editor to compare for differences.  This is what I found:


afc rom: at x1fc48 there is x60bd64

nfc rom: at x1fc4a there is x64bd68

(this has to do with the red/white/blue stars at the top of the all-star team data screens)


afc rom: has x2e bytes of code starting at x20ef0

nfc rom: has x2e bytes of code starting at x20f1e


nfc rom: at 20fb7 there is x18693c (there is nothing here in the afc rom and I can't find a corresponding set of code elsewhere)





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