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Look at this stat......

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Winning HSTL Superbowl QB's


Bubby Brister - QB - 3
Jeff Carlson - QB - 3
Tony Eason - QB - 3
Mark Rypien - QB - 3
Erik Wilhelm - QB - 3
Wade Wilson - QB - 3
Steve Grogan - QB - 2
Jeff Hostetler - QB - 2
Rick Strom - QB - 2
Vinny Testaverde - QB - 2
Andre Ware - QB - 2


Let that be some draft strategy for you.... QB Eagles and Joe Montana have a combined 2 championships, and QB Bills/Browns have 0.

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If the worst players/records didn't always have the first few picks then you'd see a way different distribution of players.


The best players are almost always drafting from the bottom...and from there one of the best strategy is typically to wait on QB. 

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