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AFC Division Round: Oilers vs. Raiders

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After defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card round, the Oilers headed to LA to take on the Raiders.


The Raiders kicked off and the Marion Butts' show began as he broke off a couple nice runs to start the game. Butts brought Houston inside the goal line, before Chris Miller sniped his TD to give the Oil a 7-0 lead.


The Raiders offense did a good job all day moving the ball, but the Oilers were able to hold strong in their territory to force a FG, 7-3. 


With a couple minutes left before half, Miller tried a shot deep, but it fell incomplete. Butts grabbed the ball and did it himself to get the Oilers in FG range and Carney finished the deal with 3. 


10-3 at halftime. During the break, Oilers DL Rueben Davis knew he had to step up his game in the second half. 


And he did just that, intercepting Wade Wilson at midfield on a called play and took the ball 50 yards for a TD. 17-3. 


The Raiders did not quit though as Wilson brought the offense right back into good shape. With Drew Hill going for the end zone, Wilson hit him in stride for a TD to bring the Raiders back into the game. Haddix was caught flat footed as he thought he could cover the play, but was stuck in the mud. 17-10. 


Miller continued playing it safe and handling the ball off as Butts broke off another good run to LA territory. But the Raiders held tight and forced a FG. And Carney shanked it... Raiders get the ball back with a chance to tie.


With Haddix playing extra careful on Hill, the Raiders completed a couple passes and scrambles to the Oilers' 20 yard line. With 1 play left, the Raiders' shotgun pass is called, but Wilson completes it anyway right before the goal line as 5 Houston defenders leap on the pile and stop the receiver short. 


17-10 Oilers. GG 

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