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Dallas, TX - 08/05/17 - Tecmo Dallas presented by Tecmo Madison

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4 hours ago, davefmurray said:


We sold out at our capped 32 and had a few no shows, but we also had notables from the local scene show up and bring it. Tecmo "God" Lee took Suicide King to the ropes, with SK squeaking out a last minute FG. 


I was down 20-7 (he scored 3 TDs but I blocked one of his PATs) in the 4th. He went up 20-7 early in the 4th. I was able to get a quick score with a desperation JJ on the first play after he kicked off to me, 20-14 with approx 3:30 left on the clock. He gets ball and is faced with a 4th and 3 at his own 20 yard line and converts. A few plays later while moving close to midfield he FUMBLES!!! I recover around his 40 hardline with approx. 1 minute left. I was able to get in a few good runs to get inside the 10. Next play I was able to hit an WR open in the middle if the end zone, PAT is good 21-20 with 10 seconds left. I kick off and he's tackled quickly to end the game. I was extremely lucky to win the game. Tecmo "God" Lee blew the other guys he played out of the water, (he didnt face Gats who was in our group). I'm not sure if he allowed any points to anyone else. He's a solid player who can tap, he beat me in every grapple. Hope he continues to attend Tecmo tournaments in the future. 

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4 hours ago, davefmurray said:

Personal highlights:


  • LPGE as a whole was ridiculous and huge.
  • Meeting new guys and seeing my brothers in Tecmo again after Madison.
  • Cosplayers.
  • Playing SFII in a VirtualBoy vs Regulator.
  • Free Play Barcade on Friday night.
  • Finding an In N Out and sharing Reg's, Ones' and Gats' first Double Double Animal Style with them.
  • Introducing Gats to Mexican food. This meat is so good it doesn't even need ranch!
  • Witnessing a Gats bowel movement so foul that I had to go the hotel lobby for 10 minutes.
  • Game 1 of the finals had a ridiculous ending. Wow. This is why I do what I do. Legit esports moment there.
  • Gatsisms are now a thing. This dude is so innocent it is hilarious. I love that he speaks his mind with no perceived judgement. It is awesome. True honesty.
  • Receiving texts from Mort, Lou, JimSocks & Diaz all talking shiz and Mort dancing in a panther suit head.


Great. Freaking. Weekend.


Love you guys. Love each other. Lift your fellow man up.

You gotta try the sex panther suit head.  Just be careful not to let it drive you wild.  If I kept it on any longer I would be in jail.

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I was happy to see Ashman doing well and making a run here.  I watched him in the stream vs Gats(?).

I competed vs him last summer at the Retro World Series (original Tecmo tourney).  Pretty good at that version, and a guy who's made the round of 64 in back to back year at Madison.    

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This was definitely an amazing event. Anyone who enjoys video games is missing out. Thank you @davefmurray for setting this up and securing this location for the tournament. It was the more fun atmosphere to date for a Tecmo tournament. It was great to see/compete against many fellow Tecmoer's like @joeygats, @Neerrm, @Ashman, @duecethasa1nt, Flo, @suicideking81, @Nos, as well as meeting many new faces. I don't know who Willie C. is but he gave me a good run for my money our first pool play game. I hope he continued to come to these events. 


P.S - There were some fine chicas dressed up as many characters you would know from all sorts of games. 

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29 minutes ago, Knobbe said:


I don't recall such a thing and I live in a state with a pan handle!


It was in Florida. He went to Alabama. His crew would join up with these dudes from Auburn and they would duke it out every year. I remember it but just can't find it! There was a writer who would write these elaborate breakdowns of the player matchups and everything.

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