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PHL. 85' Title Run

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12-4 on the season, second best in franchise history, w/o many stat leaders, the birds still put together some nice wins. The D has been the big story in Philly and continued to limit the damage to less then 200 yards per game for consecutive seasons, points allowed <19. The offense lead by a Young QB who had a pretty off year still managed to get things done despite having low total yards per game, the points per were near league tops at 28.3> again reflective of the D and them turnovers generated in the oppositions territory. CIN the div rival was the biggest challenge for the birds this season, PHI won a blood bath of a 2nd matchup in wk 11 on a 4th quarter FG, and managed to eek out the div title based on the 184th nfl tie breaker rule.. literally it came down to the wire these teams were identical, good run BAX although I'd have loved that championship game to have been our rubber match. Anyway on to the playoffs: round 1 OAK and world champ J.Gatz, I went into this one knowing I had already clipped OAK in week 1 pretty good 28-14, but knowing that I got a few bounces the luck would probably run out. On paper the 63ms WR/ 44ps 50pc QB seemed like Gats had the perfect O for the PHI secondary, but the game would tell a different story. PHI gets ball drives and puts up 7. OAK gets stuffed on 4th and short on run 3 dive tackle. PHI drives gets 7 more. OAK turns it over again in own zone pretty sure fumble or int, but either way w/ time running out PHI FG gets blocked and OAK nearly takes it to the house. Halftime scoreboard 14-0 PHI. Not sure who got ball but basically PHI shut down OAK O, few non jump JJ attempts and another fumble but late maybe down 21 already blah blah, OAK total offense 43yards, the only 7 points came off a called play fumble rumble like 60 yards. This one was all PHI. GG Joe get that OL.      PHI v GB in 2nd round unlike the OAK game was nothing like the reg season blowout 31-14 PHI tagged GB with. This was basically a back and fourth game in which PHI got the ball last and got the 1 point victory. Big play was on a 3rd and short in PHI zone in 2nd when Elway overcycled or didn't see the RB covered and tossed a short doink when could have easily ran for it, Stall opted for a FG, this was the difference in the end. GB got stops in 2nd but only came away w/ couple FG's. Also the PHI DL Millard was a HUGE factor in this one, along w/ manned LB's getting to Elway before he had time to find Rice burning the weak PHI secondary. GG Stall well played.      The Super bowl would bring the NYG and PHI together for a second meeting in 1985 as well. Despite PHL having the roster advantage, Dolo is known to control the game and limit my impact playmakers, and I'm still thinking you don't go 6-0 in double headers w/ these 3 GMs. Well not the case. PHL LBs did the damage in this one, shutting down the NYG O early getting stops, and the O posted 21 points in the 1st half. NYG had a wide open WR1 down 14-0 on a 4th down short of midfield and w/ no defender in site QB tossed OB... That play could have been the difference. The Gmen weren't going softly though, they came out after the half and posted 14 points to bring the game back to 1 score and had PHI shook ready to blow a 21 point handicap, but the O would cap a final drive w/ 7 more to seal it. GG Disc.

wtfBOWL.nsv      SB   NYG

8619.nsv       wk19  GB

8518.nsv       wk18 OAK

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