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Who's doing what for TSB3 in 2017?

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Are you playing solo? With your buddies?


I know the TSB3 community is much smaller than the TSB community, so I wanted to start a threat where we can all talk about what we're doing with the game presently.


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The NFTGL is still knocking out 2 seasons every year.

I spend most of my TSB3 time with that. Doing video review and uploading, some editing. We do a lot of stat recording as well and I have a bunch of spreadsheets I maintain for that purpose.

I moved on from playing online in the TLL about 6 months ago for personal reasons. I was never a huge fan of online play in general as the delay really makes the game feel very different.

I'd love to see a tournament happen again for this game, or some other kind of gathering that supported this game.

Really curious what others are doing, how they're playing, etc.

I know there were some people that were doing coaching leagues in the past and I'd love to hear more about that.

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