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Baron von Lector

(SNES) Ken Griffey's Winning Run 2016

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Ken Griffey's Winning Run 2016

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It's heeeere!


This is the 2016 edition of the sequel to the SNES's Ken Griffey Presents: Major League Baseball.  The rosters are based on the ones that I used for last season's Ken Griffey Presents 2016, which are based on the opening-day rosters from the 2016 season.


For those unfamiliar, Winning Run is a different ball-game from the original.  It's more simulation, less arcade.  In many areas, it improves on many facets that Presents accomplished.


For starters, it expands on Presents' season stat tracking.  Now, not only is your team's stats tracked through the season, but the rest of the league, as well.  And to compliment this, there are sortable league leaders screens, as well.


Also, something new to Winning Run is the ability to trade players.  So, while this is a 2016 game, you can trade players with other teams and keep your rosters updated for multiple season.  Please note, this doesn't rule out future 2017 or further releases.


Oh, did I mention that all THIRTY MLB teams are here?  In order to unlock the two expansion Tampa and Arizona teams, you must complete a season (not sure if it HAS to be 162 games or not).


I also updated the All-Star team (something not done in previous Griffey updates) and all eight Homerun Derby rosters (something not done until later releases).


I updated as many fine details as I could get my hands on to make this look as "official release" as possible.  I was able to change Florida, California, and Montreal to Miami, Los Angeles, and Washington, respectively.  However, I was unable to change the logo of the Washington Nationals.  So, while the standings and team-select might read "Washington," there is still an Expos logo hanging around.  Nothing game-breaking.




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