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Who's the 1st NFLer you became cognizant of?

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41 minutes ago, Knobbe said:

Probably Jim McMahon or the Fridge because of the "Super Bowl Shuffle"


That was the first Supa Bo I saw, too

... Actually, I probably saw Dolphins/'9ers, too;  but not ALL of it.


Sad to think that two AFC East teams got trounced in back-to-back SB's.




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The first time I was aware of football was when the Raiders won the SB at the end of the 1983 season (Jan. 1984), because my dad was a Raiders fan. I was 7. I don't remember if I knew individual players at that time, but if I did it had to be Howie Long and Marcus Allen. Then I also remember the Bears in 1985, loved the Fridge and McMahon and Walter Payton and the shuffle. Then 1986 was the Giants. My favorite player on that team ended up being Phil McConkey, believe it or not. At least after the SB he was, before that I guess it was Joe Morris. I liked them because they were little like me but they still made plays.

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Posted (edited)

Dan Marino.  He is the reason I wanted to play football.


I was watching a Dolphins game on TV when I was like in first grade and he was killing it.

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