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Week5 : Colts @ Bills

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Colts- 17






Game began with the Bills kicking. Colts receive. Drive downfield, but BLAIR THOMAS gets hurt. 4th down and 15. Colts decide to go for it. Get some magic that usually happens against themselves and Brister completes a called play JJ to Mark Ingram. Colts get the TD 7-0


Bills answer. drive down and it is 7-7 on a nicely moved offense by Hoff.


Colts get ball. get a TD but Ivey Joe Hunter goes down to Injry who was in GOOD. Hector and Baxter leading the charge now. Get the TD 14-7.


Colts hold before half. 14-7


Halftime- trampolines



Half begins, Bills get ball. Are held on downs. Pat Leahy kicks a FG 17-7 Colts.


From there, Colts hold on a goaline stand from the 1 yard line. A few exchanges lead to the same score 17-7.



Colts drones were flying this game. Not sure what got into them, but they were there.



GG to Hoff. You still my BAE..sorry about Brister being gay on the called play JJ to begin the game..




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