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Week 4: Colts @ Rams

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Colts- 21



Rams- 7



It is no easy task to stop Bo Jackson, but the Colts defense was as solid today as constipated shit running through ones butthole. Rams begin game clawing away, but too many jukes and moves has Bo running into a Colts defender and he plants i on the ground. Colts recover. 7-0 Colts on the legs of Linda Blair/ Blair Thomas/ The Blair Witch Project. Rams get ball, Rypien Farts overthrows the TE on a 4th down by a tad. Blair gets another go ahead TD. 14-0 Colts. Rams get ball before half. Called play, slide catch convert. The Third Reich hits up Reed before half. TD 14-7 at the break.



Halftime- Girls jumping on trampolines



Colts receive. Moving the ball after Ivey Joe Hunter somehow scampers to mid field. 4th down and 4. Mitchell runs for the first...barely. Johnny Starship Hector gets the ball. TD. 21-7 Colts. Rams get ball. Colts defense holds. Mike Harden gets the INT. Colts run clock to end the game and do not put any more points in the board, because they are classy motherfuckers.



GG to my good friend Gerald. Always fun to play vs him and just chat. GL to him on his season with Bo. I think the God's were just on my side tonight. Bob Golic was the key difference maker.



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