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    • By DT.
      PNW HONBASHO 1 - Behind the Wooden Shed
      Bleachers Pub
      8560 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
      10 am Saturday Jan 26th
      $20 Rookie Entry Fee, $30 Veteran Entry Fee

      For the latest and greatest Tecmo Tournament, we will be drawing from the ancient tradition of SUMO. This makes a lot of sense because
      1) Tecmo also originated in Japan
      2) When players are grappling in Tecmo, it looks a hell of a lot like Sumo wrestling
      3) There are a lot of beefy competitors in our Cascadia Contingent. I'm looking at you @XtraLargent
      4) @kamphuna8 is a big fan of the sport
      5) It provides us with an excuse to incorporate words like Yokozuna, banzuke, and kachi-kochi

      So for the Honbasho which just means major tournament, we will first determine a pre-tournament ranking, which will be set by past results. The ranking will determine a great deal of the schedule, aka the Banzuke.
      The first division is the San'yaku. It will be comprised of the four most recent Champions. The San'yaku for this tournament will be:
      Kamphuna @kamphuna8 The most recent Portland and most recent CFT Season Champion
      Ptitteri @ptitteriThe most recent Seattle Champion
      QB Fairfield @fairfensheeding CFT 2 Champion
      Vader @invader_star64 Portland 2016 Champion
      If one of those guys can't make it, @gripsmokewill join their ranks for having somewhat recently won a very competitive Manyo Mayhem tourney. Next up is me @DT. for having won the previous Mayhem If Peter aka @moonwalk somehow made an appearance, he would supersede us both as Seattle 2015 title winner. After some debate, I will not be counting @Tick's season zero CFT championship, though his accolades throughout his career will ensure him presence in the second division. I'll be working out a formula to determine the ranking officially, but I am certain that @manYo720 will fill out this division, the Makuuchi.
      The next division will be the Donkey Division comprised solely of @~Tailback King~ and @XtraLargent as the only competitors they could possibly be lumped in with are each other.
      Just kidding, they will be in the Juryo which is the next four ranked players, I would imagine being headed up by @boogiewithstu and whoever ends up being highest ranked among the likes of whoever else puts their name in the hat.
      After that is the Makushita which is an unspecified number of players comprised of any other veteran of a PNW Tecmo event, and the Sandanme will consist of every untested rookie that might get involved.
      These rankings will determine the each competitors' first three or four matches, with the top ranked players facing tougher competition, after that, match-ups will be determined by record, with each player playing the same amount of matches. Once we finish a round and there are 1 or less players who have yet to record 4 losses on the day, a champion will be crowned, with playoffs to determine tiebreaks, including potentially, for the title. If you recall the Mayhem tourneys that were quintuple elimination, it will be very similar to that, with the major exception that everyone will keep playing until the end.
      What I am hoping to achieve with this format is some great battles for regional Tecmo supremacy and some more stiff contests on down the ladder as players jostle for position, which will hopefully carry on to further tournaments down the road! There will once again be FUN prizes, themed rounds, and trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! I am HOPEFUL that this tournament will end significantly earlier then the average CFT tourney (7 or 8 pm) Get your name in the hat so I can work out the Banzuke asap. The venue is a classic neighborhood sports pub that I knew was the place when I saw someone had hooked up an Atari Flashback to one of the TVs. This in addition to them having a few arcade cabinets on site such as Street Fighter II. There is also an arcade/pinball oriented bar right next door called Coindexter. THE BEST PART of this place is that it is in the heart of Sea-town yet somehow has a HUGE free parking lot right there due to a closed DMV. It also has an alley for super-easy unloading of TVs and equipment.
      I am designing this to be the most action-packed Tecmo Super Bowl tournament yet. Hope to see you all there for the beginning of the next chapter in Cascadia FUCKING Tecmo!

    • By red98sethuthut
      What: Buffalo Bounty IV RUN FIGHT @ THE BO K CORRAL
      When: April 23rd 2016 4/23/2016
      Where: The Big Tree Inn 4277 Abbott Rd, Orchard Park, NY 14127 (716) 649-9892
      TIME: 11am kickoff ( 9am set-up/1oam registration )
      MAP LINK (HINT HINT its Right next to the bills stadium): https://search.yahoo.com/local/s;_ylt=A0LEVu9IXphWwUoADwQPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=Big+Tree+Inn&addr=Orchard+Park%2CNY&listingid=11709341&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001&fr=yhs-mozilla-003
      ENTRY FEE: $25 ($5 to  goes toward the bonus prize per round, $5 to $10 goes toward your bounty fee). If you are feeling the spirit of the "bounty" style tecmo tournament your more than welcome to put a higher "bounty prize" on yourself or anyone else in the tournament. Hell if you can't make it and you want put a bounty on someone in the tourney then post it son!!!!
      Prize pool for 1st (55%), 2nd(30%) and 3rd(15%). Plus $5 to $10 for every player you knock out of the single elimination round. The champion of the single elimination will receive any bounty money of any player that DID NOT qualify for single elimination tournament after the 6pk round. See format below for details. PLUS $50 bucks for knocking out last years champ David T (Dt) or Louis B. (red98sethuthut)!!! and $25 bucks bonus cash prizes per round ( see the format for details )
      100 dollars to the 1st MAN to  beat "Mort" in tourney play
      100 bucks if you eliminate "Mort"
      100 extra to the winner from Mort"
      FORMAT: The Buffalo Six-Pack ( see below )
      BUFFALO BOUNTY I CHAMP Francis B. (mort1237) Runner up Laztlain (Jason P.) 3rd Louis B. (Red98sethuthut)
      BUFFALO BOUNTY II CHAMP Louis. B. (red98sethuthut) Runner-up Matt V. (BigMV54) 3rd Francis B. (mort1237)
      BUFFALO BOUNTY III CHAMP David T. (DT), Runner-Up Francis B. (mort1237) 3rd Kevin C
      SIGN UP VIA 2 Steps
      1st step: email [email protected] with

      EQUIPMENT: Were in need of more N.E.S systems and tube tv's to handle the format
      PHONE #:

      2nd step. Optional Prepayment. Send $25 to [email protected] via paypal , money order (email 4 my mailing address), or In-person assuming your in buffalo area or see us at another tournament or the night before. We have also had problems with people saying they want to play then no show on game day. Refund Policy: We will give you refund up to 6 days before the tourney starts if we get an official notice that you can't make it .

      Game play rules
      1. D.l. line use with no lurching: A D.L. (defensive lineman) lurch is defined as trying to dive tackle or blitz the QB at the snap on a drop back pass or trying to use the same effect to break up a running play. Bumping the tackle is fine (on a up or down or backwards direction). Any other form of DL use is legal. The below video link shows what is illegal.
      2. W.R. or T.E.’s Cannot have run plays in playbook(except 4 reverse). However you may substitute an w.r./t.e. at rb2 slot as long they don't have a running play.players like Givins and Sanders are considered wr's.
      3. Playbook changes/lineup editing each pregame... ( except for round 4 see format )
      4.“One Match-up Once” Rule: The coin-flip winner can only select a particular matchup once throughout the entire tournament. For instance, if Player A wins the toss and selects Packers-Browns, Player A cannot call that exact match-up for the rest of the tournament. Player B, however, is free to select that match-up later in the tournament. This also includes the popular "random match-up cards". SEE EACH ROUND FOR TEAM SELECTION IN THE FORMAT.
      5. TIES: In order to speed things up in Rounds 1 thru 6 if game ends tied it will be a tie in order to save time. HOWEVER IN Single elimination round NO GAME CAN END IN A TIE. IF A game is tied when regulation concludes, competitors will proceed to OT. All OT's will be 5-minute sudden death periods. If nobody scores in the first OT, the second OT will be only the first quarter in a new game. If the game goes to an 2nd O.T. you will alternate who gets the ball first (in the second o.t.). This process will be repeated until a winner emerges. So that one competitor does not start with the ball in every OT period, the receiving team (i.e. team that gets the ball first) shall alternate beginning with the second OT period.

      6.. Tournament Issues All issues will be settled by the tournament crew. Headed by Louis Buennagel, david Thompson. (Others will be designated by gameday as seconds for when we are playing.) Report controller issues and any other issues AS SOON AS IT HAPPENS. We will use the warm-up session to test all controllers and equipment so hopefully everything works fine. Game freeze will be settled by playing out part or all of the game depending on circumstance... unless you cause a reset by your physical actions. The final decision is up to the tournament directors or those designated by the directors. All equipment loaned for the tourney will be tracked. You may use your own controller if it is standard but do not move the other controller from that station. Respect all equipment as if it was yours. Excessive misbehavior will result in your elimination from the tourney and all future events. We also will record a D.q. win on case by case situation ( if it happens early in the game it will be recorded as a 14 to 0 d.q. win)
      7. There MAY be 1 live streams on Twitch, twitch.tv/mort1237...Update we need someone to help us stream games!!!
      8. GAMBLING: There's been couple guys who made some side bets last year on H2H pickup games. Money on the wood to make the bet all good. No drama. make your rules clear before the game starts. Max wager is $20. No betting on your own tournament games your playing in. You may wager on live games that your not playing in either (IE MYnameisFlo).
      9. We have the right to change the format if needed.
      1o. Please mark and label all your equipment. So it isn't lost.                              
      11. A forfeit win   will be marked as  A14 to 0 win. Obviously if someone gives up when your up 28 to o then it will be counted as 28+ for margin of victory. The maximum differential of victory for any game is 28pts. IF  you win 35 to 3 it will marked as a 28 pt win for your differential.                        -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                 
       FORMAT: THE BUFFALO SIX PACK....Each participant will play 6 random games with no rematches.  In Each round team selection will be based on a different theme ( see below ). Each round will have bonus prizes too. The top 8 to 12 records in the Six rounds will square off in single elimination tournament. There MAY be an "odd" amount of players in the "six pack". If so 1 person per round will receive a bye (can't draw more than 1 bye per person). Also placement into the single elimination round is weighted by "Best Winning Percentage".  In a case of an tie a Head to Head win is the first tiebreaker, then Opponent Winning Percentage , Then Differential ( + - ).
       Round 1: Next man up Round...Winner of the Coin toss must pick any matchup they desire. But each coach gets to bench 1 player off there Opponents team. So for example if Rams vs Lions is called. And player 1 is Det and player 2 is rams. Player 1 van elect to bench Jim Everett and Player 2 can elect to  bench Barry Sanders. The player that has the most passing yards with any backup Qb gets $25.                          
      Round 2: Trick Em Dick Em Fumble-Rooskie Round ( Ode to LuckyToolie and Chris Pike)...Winner of the coin toss can pick any matchup they desire but must have an flea-flicker in there playbook. Each coach must run the flea flicker atleast ONCE per game. EDIT: If you do not call the flea flicker its a automatic loss!!!!  1st person to GIVE UP a fumble for td wins $25.    
      Round 3: REDEMPTION... Bills vs Giants...All players must call bills vs giants. Winner of coin toss must pick team ( Buf or Nyg) or controller selection. Bonus Prize: Scott Norwood Redemption Prize: 1st to make a game winning fg with Scott norwood in Ot. wins $25!!!!  ( If no o.t. game then 1st win with a Scott Norwood fg in the 4th Qtr to take  the lead.                      
      Round 4: Original Playbook round. ALL players can pick any matchup but you must use original playbook. Bonus Prize: If anyone wins with the crappy phx cards playbook you win $25. Tiebreaker highest winning margin. Put phx in the matchup at your own risk!!!!!! Note:                                     
      ROUND 5 Random matchup card round. Winner of coin toss must select an  random matchup card. Winner of the coin toss is the Top Team of the card and is Player 1. Each random matchup is a commonly used matchup. Ex. Kc vs Mia is in deck 10 times. Mia is on the top of card 5 times and on the bottom of the card 5 times. Bonus prize: $25 for guy with most rushing yards by a single Rb in this round with any rb.          
      ROUND 6  Madison matchup style round.  See Rule 6. $25 for the guy with most rushing yards by a single Rb in this round with any rb.    
      Alright, after much consultation with Tecmo heads and commune with the Tecmo Gods, a final decision has been made on the playoffs.
      There will now be 16 players in the playoffs seeded 1-16. The top seeded player (based on the standings after the six-pack) will have their first choice of team excluding SF, BUF, and NYG. Then the 2 seed on down to 16. You roll with those teams the rest of the way until the Championship which will be a redux of the Redemption Round and Super Bowl XXV, Bills vs Giants. Higher seed will have their choice of team or player 1.
      PreGame Friday Tecmo festivities location (This will be the location for Friday night festivities.) EDIT: We are moving the Friday Night activities to The Big Tree Inn. We are going to use the time the night before to set up as well, then get some games, some beers, some grub, some bullshit right there. Me and D.t. will be there at 6 pm.  4277 Abbott Rd, Orchard Park, NY 14127

      1. Louis B. (Red98sethuthut) Buffalo NY 2 NES SYSTEMS 2 Tv's   ENTRY FEE $25  Bounty Fee $50
      2. David T. (DT) Buffalo NY                                                              ENTRY FEE $25  Bounty Fee $50  1 Nes ( 2 dog-bone trollers)                       
      3. Jason P. (laztlain) LockPort NY.   1 NES SYSTEM 1 Small TV      ENTRY FEE $25  Bounty Fee $10 
      4. Eugene K. West Seneca ny                                                         ENTRY FEE $25  Bounty Fee $5
      5. Chris H. ( NinjaTecmo) Mantua Ohio 2 NES Systems 2 Tv's        ENTRY FEE $25  Bounty Fee $10 
      6. Tim S . Auburn ny                                                                       ENTRY FEE $25  Bounty Fee $5 ( Prepaid via paypal)
      7. Sean F.    Auburn ny                                                                  ENTRY FEE $25  Bounty Fee $5 ( Prepaid via Paypal)
      8. Mark C. auburn ny                                                                     ENTRY FEE $25  Bounty Fee $5
        9. Paul B. Townanda Ny      1 Nes System 1 Tv                                 ENTRY FEE $25  Bounty Fee $5.               
      10. Mark M. Buffalo ny                                                                       Entry fee $25 Bounty Fee $5.                        
      11. John G. Rochester Ny                                                          Entry fee $25 Bounty $5                         ( Prepaid via Paypal)                      
      12. Kevin C. Columbus ohio                                                  Entry fee $25 Bounty fee $10.  4 tv's 4 Nes systems.                                                          
      13.  Tim G. Morgantown Wv 1  Tv 1 Nes cartridge 2 controllers                  Entry fee $25 Bounty fee $5 1 tv 1 nes system.   (  Prepaid via PayPal )
      14.  Jessie G. (Hossrocket) Morgantown Wv                      Entry fee $25  Bounty fee $10 ( Prepaid via PayPal )
      15. Eric O. (Modeezie or TecmoOdell42)    Waterford Michigan                      Entry Fee 25 Bounty fee $10
      16.  Erik M. (ARNCOEM)                              Wallingford, CT                                 Entry Fee 25 Bounty fee $10.                                                
      17. Joe M (Jmoska99) Detroit Mi. Entry fee 25.00 Bounty Fee $10         1 Nes system 1 tv.                                                                  
      18. Francis B. (Mort1237) Chicago IL Entry fee 25.00 Bounty fee $300 ($100 1st man to beat him, $100 to eliminate him, $100 to the winner)       1 Nes system.                                               19. Jaimen A. (Beastmode) London Ontario.   Entry fee 25.00 Bounty fee $10                                                   
      20. Joshua A. (Thedude) London Ontario     Entry fee 25.00 Bounty fee $10 1 Retron Nes 1 tv
      21. Derek R. (TecmoPhyscho) Indy. Indiana Entry fee 25.00 Bounty fee $10 Several Systems , Possibly 2 Small Tv's (Paid via Paypal)
      22. Eugene K. Jr ( Ej) A 16 yr. a old Entry fee $25 Bounty $5  
      23. Gabriel K. Rochester NY Entry fee $25 Bounty Fee $5  1 Nes System.                      
      24. Russell S. (Neerm) Austin Texas Entry fee $25 Bounty fee  $10  Paid
      25. Brian F. Shaggy Elma Ny Entry fee $25 Bounty $5  
      26. Matt O. (Toolie) Entry Fee $25 Bounty fee $10



    • By qbvikings
      Brand new QBVIKINGS ROM for 2014!!!!!!

      SNES and NES versions included!


      Every player rated.


      Depth charts updated based upon latest camp reports with some liberties here and there just as the original Tecmo creators did. I'm talking about guys like aj MCCARRON, keith WENNING, landry JONES, and terrelle PRYOR.


      NOTE: If you are looking for an easy game, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. This rom has max juice. If you can get Oak-Town or Jax to the playoffs, you are a stud.


      Enjoy and I welcome all feedback.


      This rom includes too many hacks to mention so thank you to all of you out there who have made this game so much better and allowed it to last throughout the years.


      ****Updated Dolphins correct jersey numbers for WRs added SNES version

      ******There are subtle roster differences between the two versions. See if you can spot them.

      ********UPDATED NES Uniforms on 7/21

      Tecmo Super Bowl 2014-15 QBV SNES.smc
      Tecmo Super Bowl 2014-15 QBV.nes
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