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NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

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This thread is for all of your NFL 2017-2018 season discussion. 


There is no other way to start this thread. Everything else for Tom Brady is just gravy.




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Joe who?


that 4th quarter passing (and catching) was truly great.  especially under the pressure.  


as unbelievable of a come back as that was - you know, when you have a guy like Brady at the helm, anything is possible.  I'm sure his teammates believed the whole time.


brady has got something strong within his soul that most people will never even get a glimpse of or even understand.  dude is a true fighter and football player.


but yeah, the falcons choked, too. 

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ATL's defense got super cocky and MrGOAT crushed them. Over 50% of those second half passes were unreal.

Two hard hits on Ryan and he was also crapping his pants. 4 targets to Julio? Too scurred to wait for the routes to finish.

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6 minutes ago, davefmurray said:

ATL's defense got super cocky and MrGOAT crushed them. Over 50% of those second half passes were unreal.

Two hard hits on Ryan and he was also crapping his pants. 4 targets to Julio? Too scurred to wait for the routes to finish.


That throw at 18:33 was amazing. How many QBs in NFL history do you trust to make that throw in overtime of the superbowl?



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I HATE N.E.....but this was one of the greatest Superbowls of all time...with the greatest comeback of all time...with maybe the greatest quarterback of all time.  Brady showed his haters how ya put a stamp on that b!tch.  


(p.s.  If through some kinda divine intervention Seattle could aquire Todd Gurley in the off-season from the Rams, you'd see the SEAHAWKS in the Superbowl next year)

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1 minute ago, bruddog said:

I dont know if earl thomas doesnt recover from that injury then sea is gonna have a real hard time making it.


Their defense looked real bad without him. 


perennial all-pro NFL safeties are quite rare and difficult to replace/compensate for.

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6 hours ago, Bolt said:

What in the hell.



I still can't believe the stupid falcons.


What in the hell.


I'll quote a friend of mine, "How about those Falcons last night?  I'd call that the biggest bed-shitting in the history of sports."

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bodom - It was a rough, moist 3 hours waiting for the ATL buses to bring the beloved Falcons boys home from the big game.  But the huge crowd, seen below, had a great time cheering their NFL 2nd-place march of shame.  



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SwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWIPED !!!!!!!!!!



I bet Kraft stole it.  Either he or Beli

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LOL to Kyle Shanahan being HC and OC in his first year as a HC for the 49ers. Sorry, Bruddog, but your 49ers are screwed for years to come. This is like the reverse Mike Singeltary years all over again. Good news: Mike Singeltary made the team that Jim Harbough took to the super Bowl. Maybe that happens again? 


Regardless, 49ers are looking at 3+ years before they find relevance again.

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15 minutes ago, bruddog said:

Shanahan >>>>> singletary. I knew what plays were coming when singletary coached. 


That said the exodus/lack of talent means we are definitely years away. 


That's that's what I mean be reverse Singletary. I feel like Shanahan is going to build an offense that's competitive, and eventually get replaced by a defense-minded coach who will use Shanahan's created offense to get the team over the hump.


Brutal. In terms of player talent only, I don't know what franchise has it worst for next year--Browns or 49ers. Though, I still would bet any day of the year on the 49ers getting their act together long before he Browns ever do.

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myself having a little bit of respect for the 49ers and their historical significance to the NFL, I just hope that the 49ers can get back to playing football instead of being a traveling political clown show.

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It's never been the same in San Francisco since they lost Eddie DeBartolo as the owner. The York parents don't care to be involved and their brat kid is just playing NFL owner. Hopefully the new coach and GM can rise above it. It's going to be a long climb though, the roster is so depleted. 

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    • By Mike Gordan
      Week 2's now in the books.  Now it's time to pick the Week 3 games.  I'm gonna follow schedule from Tecmonster's 2018-2019 rom from now on, so here's what I've got:
      New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns
      New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons
      Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins
      Indianapolis Colts @ Philadelphia Eagles
      Buffalo Bills @ Minnesota Vikings
      Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins
      Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens
      Cincinnati Bengals @ Carolina Panthers
      New York Giants @ Houston Texans
      Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars
      San Francisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs
      Los Angeles Chargers @ Los Angeles Rams
      Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks
      Chicago Bears @ Arizona Cardinals
      New England Patriots @ Detroit Lions
      Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
      So come on in!
      @gojiphen malor
      @Miles Prower
      Also, for future reference, if you don't specify who's going to win by game time, it counts as a loss against you.  If you honestly cannot bring yourself to guess right away, you have until the games start to come up with a winner.  Or you can be the gutsy one and call a tie.
      Anyways, I'll make my picks later.  I need to think about my choices before I settle on anything concrete.
    • By Mike Gordan
      Time for Week 2, everybody!  Here are this week's games:
      Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals
      Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons
      Los Angeles Chargers @ Buffalo Bills
      Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers
      Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans
      Cleveland Browns @ New Orleans Saints
      Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets
      Kansas City Chiefs @ Pittsburgh Steelers
      Philadelphia Eagles @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
      Indianapolis Colts @ Washington Redskins
      Arizona Cardinals @ Los Angeles Rams
      Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers
      Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos
      New England Patriots @ Jacksonville Jaguars
      New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys
      Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears
      Make your picks!  Here's mine!
      Ravens, Panthers, Chargers, Packers, Texans, Saints, Jets, Chiefs, Eagles, Redskins, Rams, 49ers, Broncos, Patriots, Giants, and Bears.
      Survival pick for this week would have to be the Saints or 49ers.  A lot of tossup games this week as well.  Though the biggest question mark is the Packers.  If Aaron Rodgers is ruled out for the week, I'm gonna change my pick to the Vikings.
      Edit:  I changed one of my picks.  Instead of thinking the Falcons will win, I am now leaning more towards Carolina.  Hopefully, I don't regret that pick.  And since Aaron Rodgers is back out on the practice field, I am still leaning more towards Green Bay.  But if he ends up getting ruled out tomorrow, I'm gonna change my pick to Minnesota.  Everything else will be left as is.
    • By Mike Gordan
      I'm going to simply keep track of everybody's scores manually.  Each person has until five minutes before the game starts to put their Pick'ems in.  And I'll be keeping track of the tallies for each week, and for the whole year in general.  As an added bonus, I'll even keep track of how many times somebody wins a particular week.  But with the highest tally after the Super Bowl wins.
      Two rules!  You got until five games before the game starts to put a pick in.  Otherwise, it will be treated as a non pick.  In addition, every pick must be made in a single comment.  You can discuss things if you want.  But for the sake of keeping track of everybody's choices, all picks--even if you change your mind later on--must be located in the same comment.  Otherwise, it will be treated as a non pick.
      With that said, let's cover the games that are to take place in Week 1!
      ATL @ PHI
      PIT @ CLE
      CIN @ IND
      TEN @ MIA
      SF @ MIN
      HOU @ NE
      TB @ NO
      JAX @ NYG
      BUF @ BAL
      KC @ LAC
      SEA @ DEN
      WAS @ ARI
      DAL @ CAR
      CHI @ GB
      NYJ @ DET
      LAR @ OAK
      Here are my weekly picks:  Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Minnesota, New England, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Baltimore, Chargers, Broncos, Cardinals, Panthers, Packers, Lions, and Rams.  My Survivor pick of the week, however, is Pittsburgh over Cleveland (yes, a road team being chosen as the Survivor Pick of the Week; it is the Browns, after all).  And my toughest pick to make was Arizona over Washington.
    • By Bolt
      Ok.  Before the Season starts, full-throw I gotta grandiose little idea for a "game" we could play.
      Name a number - 1 through 99 - and the Player you FIRST associate with it.  YOU CAN BE SELECTIVE, THOUGH!  If, on first association you think of a player you don't like (for whatever reason), you can think the next player, and speak it, instead...  We only want players you associate in a GOOD way!  [NOTE:  Doesn't have to be "the best" player you think of for a given number, though.]
      By the end, we'll tally all the numbers, and define - by observing who had the most repeat associations among us - the Goodest *Player*... by jersey-number;  and, overall.
      Here, I'll start randomly and begin with the # 75.  You all chime in with your 75 (can be the same as mine/ anyone else's), and then throw out some #'s/ players you think of.
      For me, when I think of 75, I immediately think:  Joe Greene
    • By buck
      There are 4x roms in the zip - actually, only two games (ROM 1 and ROM 2), but see below for reasoning for the extra two roms
      the zip also contains a basic readme, and a png image of a playbook key

      View attachment: Street Tecmo 2013 v1 also with no p2.zip

      View attachment: tsb street var shots 1.png


      There are two ROMs, each with 16 NFL teams.
      The only difference between the ROMs are the teams/rosters/names, etc. and the color of the endzones.

      Based on Jstout's "CIFL 7-on-7" NES Tecmo Super Bowl ROM
      Upgraded plays (enhanced for the street)
      50 yard "field"

      COM v MAN (you can play as player 2 if you set up your emulator)
      Competitive COM for challenging Season fun

      No "Out of Bounds" - you can run into the walls

      New Halftime and New Halftime Song
      Reduced Cutscreens

      Game plays very fast (almost every variable is sped up greatly)
      Turnovers and scoring are common
      No punts (just "kicker")
      Countless Graphic changes

      In-game playbook changing
      Cool new Uniforms (some throwbacks in there, too)
      12-game season with 8-team playoffs

      "Heroes" - it's like a mini-game
      I have set up the heroes from the original Tecmo Super Bowl game
      AFC and NFC - using their original ratings (although some are decreased because it's played as pro-bowl game)
      but, it has a totally different feel and challenge than the other modern "street" teams

      Pass Accuracy is completion/int variable
      KR return at their own Max Speed
      Player 2 condition indicator fixed

      No pass-defender auto-dive
      Quicker dives for defenders

      AI hacks
      Passing Game Hacks

      Bruddog's OL/DL Differential (more random popcorn in the trenches)

      HP Hack (MAN v MAN "popcorn" and/or "mash")
      Also, HP is quantized to a scale of "0 to 3 extra presses" that are added to grapple counter)
      6-25 HP = 0 extra press
      31-50 HP = 1 extra press
      56-75 HP = 2 extra press
      81-100 HP = 3 extra press

      EXTRA ("no p2" versions): the (main) 1st version of TSB Street posted on 9-5-12 has a very cool hack (thanks xplozv) that lets you play as the 2nd player (2nd side) vs COM (also in season mode).
      A requirement is that you need to have your emulator set up such that you have control of the 2nd player controller (or if using an actual NES, a controller in port 2!) . In the emulator I use, I have them both programmed to the same controller/buttons.
      If you use an emulator that will not allow you to program or play as a 2nd player controller, I have provided a set of roms with the additional "no p2" characters in the rom filename. this "no p2" will play just like the original TSB - MAN will always be player one side when playing COM.

      Therefore I have updated the zip to include these "no p2" versions. I also updated the readme in the zip. No other changes have been made.

      We must thank the following, because this rom would not be possible without their past or present help:
      jstout, bruddog, cxrom, bad_al, average tsb player, elway, knobbe, bodom, and xplozv

      (jstout did not have any direct hand in the making of this ROM, but we thought we should credit him because we used his CIFL 7-on-7 ROM as our base)


      it's a party, jerk. so enjoy it.

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