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SET Command List (Use with NES TSB & TSBTool) - Updated 1/20/2020

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I updated the first post to reflect the correct SET command to use for this code:

#Changing the differential for popcorning/ dl busting through
#Visit link to see author's notes on variables to edit to modify code below
SET(0x28360, 0xA53D293F1871AE38F13E300BC90E9007C93490064C0F844C84842036B1EAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA)

as per @bruddog's post found here. Thanks for the clarification bruddog!

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@bruddog shared some more SET command knowledge! The code he posted works to eliminate the first down measurement animations. This would be used along with games that have the amount of yards needed for a first down edited as per this thread started by @konForce back in the day. Here's the link to the post:

I have updated the first post to include the command. Props to @TheRaja for posting about an issue with a league game.

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AFC NFC Pro Bowl Uniform Colors (32 Team Rom)


Change XX on each line


SET(0x02C3FC,0xXX) AFC Pants\Helmet
SET(0x02C3FF,0xXX) AFC Pants\Helmet
SET(0x02C3FE,0xXX) AFC Jersey
SET(0x02C401,0xXX) AFC Jersey
SET(0x02C3FD,0xXX) AFC Dark Skin Color
SET(0x02C400,0xXX) AFC Dark Skin Color
SET(0x02C406,0xXX) NFC Pants\Helmet
SET(0x02C409,0xXX) NFC Pants\Helmet
SET(0x02C408,0xXX) NFC Jersey
SET(0x02C40B,0xXX) NFC Jersey
SET(0x02C407,0xXX) NFC Dark Skin Color
SET(0x02C40A,0xXX) NFC Dark Skin Color



Edited by gojiphen malor

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Team Data Screen Background Color (Change XX)


SET(0x31140,0xXX) Bills
SET(0x31141,0xXX) Dolphins
SET(0x31142,0xXX) Patriots
SET(0x31143,0xXX) Jets


SET(0x31144,0xXX) Bengals
SET(0x31145,0xXX) Browns
SET(0x31146,0xXX) Ravens
SET(0x31147,0xXX) Steelers


SET(0x31148,0xXX) Colts
SET(0x31149,0xXX) Texans
SET(0x3114A,0xXX) Jaguars
SET(0x3114B,0xXX) Titans


SET(0x3114C,0xXX) Broncos
SET(0x3114D,0xXX) Chiefs
SET(0x3114E,0xXX) Raiders
SET(0x3114F,0xXX) Chargers


SET(0x31150,0xXX) Redskins
SET(0x31151,0xXX) Giants
SET(0x31152,0xXX) Eagles
SET(0x31153,0xXX) Cowboys


SET(0x31154,0xXX) Bears
SET(0x31155,0xXX) Lions
SET(0x31156,0xXX) Packers
SET(0x31157,0xXX) Vikings


SET(0x31158,0xXX) Buccaneers
SET(0x31159,0xXX) Saints
SET(0x3115A,0xXX) Falcons
SET(0x3115B,0xXX) Panthers


SET(0x31E89,0xXX) 49ers
SET(0x31E8A,0xXX) Rams
SET(0x31E8B,0xXX) Seahwaks
SET(0x31E8C,0xXX) Cardinals


(2019) Goji's Launch Edition Super Bowl LIII BASE ROM NO HACKS-0.png

Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (0.1) (Juiced Plus Version)-0.png

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On 2/7/2017 at 9:56 PM, SBlueman said:

Just for you @buck:


and a note from the author:



Boy I am stuck on stupid....I updated the first post to include this amazing hack that was originally posted by @Jorgasms here:



@buck asked for me to post it up back on page one and I did. My dumbass forgot about it and had to be reminded by @gojiphen malor after I PM'ed him asking how in the hell he got the pre-snap huts back in his latest release. Enjoy to any who find this useful (I know I did since I was sitting on the old code in my personal files....DOH!)

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Thank you so much for keeping Super Tecmo Bowl alive. This game is incredible. I had a question. Is it possible to update the Giants uniforms to dark blue helmets, blue jerseys and white pants for home and dark helmets, white jerseys and white pants or white jerseys and gray pants?  I would be glad to make a donation to make this possible. Thanks. 



Edited by TTBNYG98

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Right on! I wish the change could be made as well. The closest thing I saw done was this rom:



Still limited to two colors but the helmet and jersey is the same while the pants are different.

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I don't know how I missed this thread when I was poking around last spring.  So much good stuff in here!!  I just want to point out that every hack you attributed to my text file as unverified did come from somewhere in these forums, so there should be a post to link to somewhere.  I've never learned enough to develop my own and I just don't have the free time to learn any more than (what I consider to be) the most basic stuff, unfortunately.  I get the itch every now and again, but just can't keep up. 


Anyway, the only difference in the command you would find between the original post and what was in my file is that I had to relocate some hacks to different parts of the ROM file due to other hacks already being in that spot.  I'll try to dig up some of the posts of the unverified ones.

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I'll put all of the threads I find in this post.  The only one I couldn't find is for the "end of game field goal".  I can personally verify that one, and what it does it dictate at what point the COM player automatically kicks a field goal (under the right conditions) toward the end of a half/game.  IIRC, the default was x30.  Strangely, the game doesn't seem to convert the time in seconds to/from hex (x30 = 48, but COM will automatically kick a FG at anything under 30 seconds), so now I'm curious what would happen if you set it so something like x2A.



Edited by adscl84

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Thanks @adscl84! I'll edit the first post to include the links tonight. I also need to scour the site some more and see what else can be found. I know there is one @bruddog posted a while back that I haven't put up yet:



Edited by SBlueman

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For My Notes due to a Request:

#Computer ONLY kicks FG's on 4th Down (Regulation)
SET (0x1897f,0x00)


***After testing it was determined that this doesn't apply to Overtime, just regulation***

Edited by TheRaja
New Information: Doesn't apply to Overtime

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