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Lincoln, NE - 02/04/17 - Tecmo Lincoln VII

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2 minutes ago, duecethasa1nt said:

Knobbe has some vids of the championship game on his Twitter just fyi


It's half of the second half. The quality is sketch.

I provided some very light commentary in the background as not to intrude too much into the game


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fun tournament, went real smooth.  thanks, knobbe for everything.


I had such a good time the night before that I was almost in a haze and letdown Saturday.  The Omaha Tecmo crew had a nice party in the hotel Friday night.


I played at least 10 TSB games that Friday night, highlighted by a 260+ yard rushing game with James Jones (SEA, 294 Total Rush Yards).  I


Woke up feeling mighty rough, with my thumb causing me concern, and possible heart palpitations.  But I was alright.


I went 3-0 in pool play, but was seeded 9th.  Won my first round game 42-0.  Then I ran into Luke and he called KC MIA.  I was dumb and picked MIA (who I really don't know how to use) but alas, DeBerg played like QB BILLS and Marino played like Jay Fucking Schroeder and I abandoned the running game way too soon, with Marino throwing 2 INTs in the 1st half.  I lost 24-14.


I was happy to see Luke continue to the finals...he earned it.  and then surprisingly and perhaps mistakenly, Craig (runner up) called the exact same matchup that Luke and I played - KC MIA...I noticed Luke ran the same playbooks he used against me (Offset I).  That game went about the exact same as when I played him.


Congrats to Luke, a classy and classic TSB player.  Thanks to Matt, and the other Lincoln TSB guys.  and thanks to Omaha guys (Richie, Phil, etc.) for the party and etc.  Nice to meet some new people that day, too - you know who you are.  Also was nice to see some old faces.

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Good tourney Knobbe, thanks.  For some reason, I always do crappy at these Lincoln tourneys.  Played my first game HOU v. NYG, I take NYG and about the 2nd quarter I find out I'm playing Buck!  I turn it over inside the 10 late down 14-13, and Buck makes me pay.  I lose 21-13.  I then play a new guy Brian I think, and call NO-PIT, he takes PIT.  I turn it over on downs and throw an INT inside the 20 again, and lose 14-10.  I manage to get a win 21-10 and limp into the bracket 1-2 as the twenty-something seed. 

I draw Jeremy S, who I've played twice in Iowa tourneys and at Tomczak bowl, he's really good.  He calls SD/DEN, I take SD and Elway picks me apart on the burn routes up and down (wherever my D isn't) and I cant stop him.  Manage to climb from 21-7 down to tie, but he wins 28-21, and takes that all the way to 3rd place.  Good run by him.

My offense is RUSTY like the trombone.  eek.

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