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War Machine

Thunderdome IX: Format Details

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Tweak to format since original post!  Instead of 8 groups of 5, we will move to 10 groups of 4.


1.  Format:  Group Play followed by Single Elimination bracket


  • Group Play (40 Players):
    • 10 groups with 4 players per group
    • The 4 players will be play in a mini double elimination bracket with 2 players advancing per group into the single elim bracket.


  • Single Elimination Bracket (20 Players):
    • 20 remaining players will play in a single elimination bracket.
    • The 10 group winners will receive first round byes and automatically be in the Sweet 16. Two 2nd place finishers will also receive byes based on the following tiebreakers:
      • Point Differential
      • Lowest Points Allowed
      • Highest seed (PM sent to davemurray of seeds)
    • Players will be seeded based on skill with group play performance blended into seeding.
    • I will have a bracket challenge set up on Challonge (similar to NCAA tourney pool) where winner gets a cash prize!  Free to enter!



2.  Matchup Selection Process

  • No matchup calling.  Each round will have 3-5 pre-determined matchups to choose from.  For example, this year the 5 matchups in group play are KC-MIA, MIN-RAMS, DEN-SD, DAL-PHX, ATL-NO.  These will be the matchups available to play for that round.  In past Thunderdome's, teams were selected based on tiers however, it seemed like the same matchups were played over and over.  I will not have any duplicate matchups throughout the tournament.


  • In Group play we will follow the “One Matchup Once” Rule: The coin-flip winner can only select a particular matchup from the available matchups once throughout group play. For example, if Player A wins the toss and selects SD-DEN, Player A cannot choose that matchup again in group play if he wins the toss again.  However, they can play the same matchup if their opponent chooses that matchup.  *This only applies to group play since there will be multiple games played with the pre-set matchups.  In single elim bracket, each round will have a different set of matchups to choose from.  If someone breaks this rule and calls a matchup he already called in earlier game, the game will be REPLAYED.


  • Team Selection & Coin Toss:
    • Load any two player preseason game (teams are irrelevant) and run the coin toss.
    • Coin toss winner is home (P1) and selects the matchup from the available matchups for that round.
    • Coin toss loser is away (P2) and picks the team they would like to use from the matchup that was selected by coin toss winner.
    • Perform a soft reset in nestopia and game on!


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Updated first post with change to number of groups from 8 groups of 5 to 10 groups of 4.


Please review the details to single elimination as there will be byes awarded to group winners and 2 more byes awarded to 2nd place with highest point differential.  

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