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Thunderdome IX: Sign Up Thread

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The World's Biggest Online Tecmo Tournament



If you would like to sign up, please respond in this thread with the following information.  


  • Discord Handle:¬†
  • Can you Host?¬†¬†If only through himachi, then please answer no



  • When:¬†¬†1/22-3/8¬†(~1 game a week).¬†¬†This could change and will be announced ahead of time


  • Format:¬†¬†OG ROM tournament consisting of either (1) Group Play action followed by Single Elimination or (2) Double Elimination. ¬†This depends on how many participants we get. ¬†¬†No matchup calling. ¬†There will be 3-4 pre-determined matchups¬†per round that players will choose from after a coin toss. ¬†More information on this later.


  • Participants:¬†¬†40
  • ROM:¬†¬†TPC_TSB with tap counter
  • Entry Fee:¬† **FREE**
  • Prizes:¬†
    • 1st: ¬†See video at bottom of this page!
    • 2nd: ¬†$50 plus t-shirt from tb.org
    • There may be other prizes i'm working on.






Participants Confirmed (Red highlight can't host):

1.  Tecmo Psycho

2.  Jesusluvsme4ever

3.  VikingMoe02

4.  Nos

5.  Jebigred

6.  Casual_T

7.  Dueceloose

8.  Baxter

9.  Ziur

10.  BigHock

11.  Prime

12.  Bo (Oklahoma)

13.  MattyD

14.  arncoem

15.  Ryan11p

16.  RetroNathan

17.  daboy8821

18.  gamehigh

19.  DarthRockman

20.  Coconuts622

21.  Disastamasta142 

22.  Bruddog 

23.  Joeygats

24.  ngunn421

25.  Neerrm

26.  rico33

27.  Drake

28.  kamphuna8

29.  Ol' Dirty Tecmo

30.  Fightdogs321

31.  Purplehaze

32.  DT

33.  tecmo_ninja

34.  Hoffnasty9

35.  Red98sethuthut

36.  ScienceGuy

37.  Regulator088 (confirmed on discord)

38.  flash80

39.  odell (confirmed on discord)

40.  T-Bone (confirmed on discord)



Waiting List:

41.  segathonsov

42.  Justin Peters




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Closing Signups

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Im in Sleazey-E, formerly known as   ARNCOEM 



yes hosting affirmative 

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