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Omaha, NE - 03/04/2017 - Tecmo Bowl (Not TSB) + R.B.I. Baseball tournaments

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BOmaha II


Event page found here >  https://www.facebook.com/events/760768844079435/


Where?:  Addy's Sports Bar & Grill   14110 S St, Omaha, NE 68137   (Across from The Amazing Pizza Machine!)

When?:  Saturday March 4th, 2017

What time?:  Tecmo Bowl @ Noon, and R.B.I. Baseball @ 6PM

Entry Fee?:  $15 per game, or enter both for $25.  All fees go towards payouts of top 4 finishers.

Food?:  Order from their menu


Prize giveaways.  

-Giving away gift cards to Addy's.

-Kick Return TD's & Grand Slams for cash!

-Free door prizes for players include: Starting line-up figures still in the box, Player prints in frame (Lawrence Taylor 16 X 20), unopened packs of 80's NFL/MLB cards, NES game fridge magnets, etc.


>Trophy awarded to 1st place for each event

>Each event begins with group play.  Records with point differential then seed players in single elimination tournament.

>Team Selection: 1 person names teams in match-up, and other person has 1st choice of choosing their team or preferred controller.


>Game play rules:  R.B.I. = Anything goes.  Tecmo Bowl = No gaining yards when defense picks same play as offense.


Looks like I'll have 10 NES/TVs at this event, which will easily accommodate up to 24 players, and still have the event run relatively fast.

When we reach the final 8 and the need for consoles and TVs gets smaller, we're throwing in some other NES sports classics for the crowd and eliminated guys to play.   






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Successful event.  Had 16 play Tecmo and 14 play RBI.  Found a local RBI player that could compete on the national level last night.  Met a lot of awesome people.  I was unsure this would go well, but everything rolled awesomely.  

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23 minutes ago, noonan said:


Surprisingly so I won 1st place.  Had to go through a juggernaut of our 2 Canadian friends in the semis and championship.  My buddy Nate got 4th


Nate and I combined to go 6-4 vs Team Canada this weekend.  Each of us went 3-2 vs Canada.  I'l post some pics and videos later.

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Tecmo Bowl final 4.



Left to right

(2nd) Derek B.  Hamilton Ontario

(4th) Nate M. Perry IA

(1st) Tecmo-Mad-Brad Papillion, NE

(3rd) Cam A.  Hamilton Ontario


I defeated Cam 13-0 in the semi-final with SF over CHI.  Was a 6-0 game in the 4th but I broke it open on a mis-diagnosed coverage.  Derek beat Nate 13-10 in OT with Indy over Seattle after a big kick return after the coin toss sealed the game in OT.  Cam is a guy that used to have my number from 2008-2011.  Perhaps even as good as a 70% win clip against me.  He’s 1-5 of late.


In the championship game I used Indy to defeat Derek and Cleveland 7-0.  Derek got Cleveland to around the 10 yard-line as time expired.  He needed 1 or 2 more pass plays to tie it up, but I was in a mondo prevent defense that drive to hold on.  I was really sweating the clock there, but had a pretty good plan to try and keep him out.

That’s 5 straight tourney titles.  The secret?  That white and black shirt.  It’s 32-0 in tournament competition.    




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