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usb controller issue

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hey everyone,


quick (and possibly silly question)


i just downloaded tecmo super bowl 2017 off of the universal emulator app on my desktop and am trying to use some old school NES style usb controllers i got from amazon but when i go to settings it doesn't allow me to configure them.  it basically shows keyboard settings and then xbox controller settings?  it made no sense to me but it's quite possible i'm missing something very glaring.  can someone help me get these usb controllers configured with the tecmo super bowl emulator?  





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I got there via Nesbox and then got redirected to the Microsoft store. It's an app called Nesbox Universal Emulator.  I downloaded the app and then downloaded Tecmo Super Bowl 2017 to the actual app. And when i open the app itself on my desktop, that's when you pull up settings to configure the controllers. 

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1 hour ago, andrewharrison said:

ok, thanks.  what link, website or app do you recommend for my pc that will support the normal usb old-school nintendo controller? 


also, are these multi-player?


The one I linked above... :D -- Brutopia/Nestopia (PC)




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