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More NFL like QB rating value

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This hack puts makes the final QB rating more in line with the original intent of the Qb rating where 100 is close to the best value and 70 is near the bottom end. I fiddled with the numbers until each component of the qb rating has about the same spread, ceiling and floor for values. This hack still does not cap values so you could have a really high passer rating in a small sample size where your average yards per pass is REALLY high (30+). 


SET(0x318A0, 0x7D)

SET(0x318B3, 0x0C)

SET(0x318D4, 0x08)

SET(0x318D9, 0x00)

SET(0x318E0, 0xFA)

SET(0x31908, 0x14)

SET(0x31916, 0x8C)

SET(0x31946, 0x08)





qb rating hack.jpg


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For the formula the tweaks were as follows



1. (comp% -25) *0.05    vs   (comp% -30) *0.05  

2. YPA - 7 *0.2               vs           YPA - 3 *0.25

3. TD % *0.12                vs          TD % *0.20    

4. 2.5 - (INT% *0.08)     vs          2.5 - (INT% *0.25)


5. Divide sum by 8 instead of 6. 

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