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Change touchbacks to 25 yardline

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the first value below refers to the rom location, the second value is the value to put in. 


SET( 0x25077,0x28 ) P1 touchback   default is 0x10

SET( 0x25090,0xC8 ) P1 touchback  default is 0xF0


Every 0x08 equals one yard.


Hence for p1 we want 5 times 0x08 = 0x18. 0x10 + 0x18= 0x28.


For P2 we need to subtract since the field location goes from left to right. 


So 0xF0 - 0x28 = 0xC8




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it might also help to add the touchback on kickoffs hack 


because as is, there are no touchbacks on kickoffs.


note that this hack is somewhat flawed because a kick returner can come out of the endzone and go back into it and still be awarded the touchback.

so play honest.

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On 9/9/2016 at 3:30 PM, bruddog said:

SET( 0x25077,0x28 ) P1 touchback   default is 0x10


For me this SET command was placing the touchback for P1 at the 23 yard line.


Used:  SET ( 0x25077, 0x38 )

Now it is on the 25 yard line.

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