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Mike Gordan

Madden 17 Tips

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Yes, I am playing Madden--no hate, but Tecmo Super Bowl just seems so easy by comparison, as much as I love the game (heck, I led the Vikings and Eagles to Super Bowl victories in the 1978 and 1979 roms from QBVikings).


So, any tips that I should know playing the game?  I'm a new player at Madden, and I promise I'm not going to ditch Tecmo.  Consider this a new thing for me.  Thanks.

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16 hours ago, Mike Gordan said:

Yes, I am playing Madden--no hate, but Tecmo Super Bowl just seems so easy by comparison, as much as I love the game (heck, I led the Vikings and Eagles to Super Bowl victories in the 1978 and 1979 roms from QBVikings).


So, any tips that I should know playing the game?  I'm a new player at Madden, and I promise I'm not going to ditch Tecmo.  Consider this a new thing for me.  Thanks.


Don't backpedal too much when you drop back to pass. It seems like new players have a bad tendency to back up until the moment they pass (in an attempt to get away from the pass rush), resulting in the QB being 20 yards behind the line and making completing even a simple 5 yard slant difficult-to-impossible.



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  • Pocky is correct don't throw off you back foot. When you do it will actually say you threw off your back foot and the throw will be worse. 
  • Follow you blocking on your runs.  
  • The option is a good run to use even if you never run the QB. With the new Force and cutback designations for certain players on every play running the option keeps the Force defender where he is for the most part and makes for one less defender you need to run against in the box.  I run some form of the option on every run play.  
  • Let your passing plays develop and have a read system before the play. I usually go deep, mid, shallow unless I'm trying to get the ball to the flat right away.
  • Use all of your passing types. The touch pass (double tap) is especially useful for throws behind the linebackers and in front of the DB's over the middle.
  • Use L1 (don't know the XBOX button) on deep throws. Gives a speedy wide receiver a chance to get separation and to run and get under it.
  • On defense keep the auto flip on.  This will always line your defense up to be in position to cover the offense. Don't do a lot of pre snap defensive audibles.  This is not like past Madden games where you had to make a bunch of moves before the play.  In this version every defender in the box has a gap assignment and when you put them in a blitz or squeeze them or move them over their gap assignment changes and it can leave you quite vulnerable.
  • Play a lot of defenses that say "match" i.e Cover 3 Match.  In this years version the match zones have options to follow the receivers that run through their zone  to "match" their routes rather than have them run through them and then be wide open behind them.  The "match" defenses do have their weaknesses though.  If the receivers clear out the underneath zones then it leaves the backs open in the flats for nice gains.
  • Match up with the offense while on defense.  If the other team comes out in 4 wides don't run a 4-4 defense because you will be outmatched with linebackers on receivers.  Use nickel when teams go 3 wide. or Dime when they go 4 wide.  Go 4-4 when they go 2 or 3 tight endes.

The rest you just have to come up with a play style for the team you use.  I use the 49'ers exclusively. I understand their shortcomings and play to their strengths. 

NOTE: The new rosters should be out soon so some teams will gain players and some will lose players which could change the way they are used.

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Thanks guys.  For now, I'm thinking about campaigning with the Denver Broncos since that's my team.  And it works to focus on a Run-first-based offense.


Eventually, I might actually consider doing an entire campaign devoted to rebuilding the Browns into a Super Bowl Dynasty.  I have been playing some practice rounds with the Patriots as well (since they're basically the best team in the game according to Madden).  So wish me luck there.

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And DO NOT abuse the speed button on runs. In my experience, you don't need to use the speed button on at least 50% of your runs. Like TheFes75 says, follow your blocks, be patient, and realize it's not the end of the world if you only get 3 or 4 yards on a given run. Not every run can go for a touchdown. If you use the speed button too much, you'll be going too fast to find the hole and will run right into the butts of your own O-linemen, and you'll tire out your HB. 

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      AFC and NFC - using their original ratings (although some are decreased because it's played as pro-bowl game)
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      Pass Accuracy is completion/int variable
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      Bruddog's OL/DL Differential (more random popcorn in the trenches)

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      We must thank the following, because this rom would not be possible without their past or present help:
      jstout, bruddog, cxrom, bad_al, average tsb player, elway, knobbe, bodom, and xplozv

      (jstout did not have any direct hand in the making of this ROM, but we thought we should credit him because we used his CIFL 7-on-7 ROM as our base)


      it's a party, jerk. so enjoy it.

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      Congratulations, Philadelphia Eagles for ending your 57-year championship drought and taking Super Bowl LII.
      Might as well start this new thread for a new season, since Maynard seems to have vanished off the face of the earth at around the time of the Super Bowl.  Hope he's doing well.
      So discuss the current NFL season here.
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      Champione...  EVERYONE under the Sun - Who you gots?!?
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      {@ Minneapolis, Minnesota - Vikings stadium.}
      Conference-championship Borgger MedalShip, 'ere:
      (Silver was won by 1-1 piccs, I forgot to mention...)
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