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(NES) Tecmo Super Bowl: Gold

Baron von Lector

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Tecmo Super Bowl: Gold

This is Tecmo Super Bowl: Gold.


I started working on this Legends-themed ROM back in March.  I delayed the release of this ROM for the simple fact that around the time of the originally planned debut, a glut of other "Legends" ROMs burst onto the scene as well.  So as not to (a) get lost in the shuffle or (b) take away from the spotlight of other modders, I pulled my work.


This delay allowed me to fine-tune this ROM into what I would consider the "gold-standard" of Legends edits (hence, the "Gold" title) previously established by my past Convergence ROMs.


Each team is comprised of the greatest players in franchise history, whether it's based on talent, records, or the impact they left on the team (Players like Tim Tebow and Kordell Stewart are included for the latter reasons).  In addition to the team rosters, the All-Pro rosters have been edited to contain the greatest players in the history of the National Football League.


I've combed over this ROM obsessively.  If there are any errors, please let me know.




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  • DFM changed the title to (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl: Gold

Just because I really like to do this kind of thing for my releases, I am going to simulate a 32-team single-elimination tournament.  I seeded the teams based on Super Bowl wins, World Championship wins, Super Bowl losses, and World Championship losses.  Here's the bracket:


EDIT1: First round is complete.



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Hey Baron, just downloaded the file to check it out.  

As both a big fan of classic Tecmo (and all the roster update ROMs) as well as a fan of NFL history, this ROM was right up my alley!

You obviously put a lot of time into it, and I think you did a really great job overall.


I haven't taken the time to pour through every single player stat, but it's definitely clear you wanted to represent as much of the history of the game as you could.

Which, again, is awesome.  Today's fans should definitely get a little bit of a history lesson now and then.


I do have a few quibbles I'd like to mention, I think you might be able to get a little more accuracy into your player stats.

First off, it seems like you topped off Passing Speed for all QBs at 63.  Was there any particular reason for that you had in mind?  I mean, to be fair, some of these guys, like Favre, Marino, Elway had absolute cannons.  I don't think it's fair to make their arm strength on par with guys like Eli Manning and Troy Aikman... couldn't the guys known for a big arm at least get a 69 rating?  


A couple other things I noticed...

On the Cowboys, you gave Emmitt Smith a 75 MS rating.  I get that you want to represent him as a great back, and in Tecmo, MS is probably the most important rating for runners, but for pure historical accuracy, Smith didn't really have blazing speed - he had good speed, and a little more power.  Maybe 69 MS and a 44 or 50 HP?

Also, it seems like you got Tony Dorsett and Hershel Walker's stats flip-flopped.  You have Dorsett as a power back, but in reality he was small and fast, while Walker was the big bruiser.  The stat numbers look fine, I just think they should be swapped to better reflect their real-life counterparts.


On the Dolphins, maybe swap out OJ McDuffie for Paul Warfield?  If you don't want to double up Warfield (you used him on Cleveland) maybe Chris Chambers?  He was a little better than McDuffie, right?

On the Browns, I would bump up Jim Brown's Max Speed to 63.  Sure, it would be unfair, but trying to defend him was unfair.  He was that big and that fast!


I'll preface this next bit by saying I'm a big Bears fan, so naturally I thought you could make a couple changes on the Bears.

First, similar to Emmitt Smith, Walter Payton wasn't a blazing fast runner either, but he also ran with a lot of power.  I would suggest a 69 MS and 50 HP for Walter just like Emmitt.  Also, what's with the 19 Receptions?  The guy averaged around 40 receptions a year and is still the Bears' all time leader in receptions!  Dude could catch a pass.  I think a Receptions rating around 50 would be more fair.

Meanwhile, Gale Sayers was indeed blazing fast.  A 75 MS rating would be accurate for him (Incidentally, Barry Sanders on Detroit could get a 75 MS too!)

Getting to the WRs, overall I'm fine with the player picks and ratings.  Heck, you probably over-rated Johnny Morris and Harlon Hill a little bit, they're good, but not great WR's in the overall scope of NFL history.  But just for shits and giggles, I think it would be more fun to take Curtis Conway out, and replace him with Devin Hester to fill the return man role.  Technically he did play a little WR for the Bears so it's not too inaccurate.  Another side thought, as much as I liked Willie Gault, for the few years he was with Chicago, Brandon Marshall might well have been the best WR in Bears history, maybe he could get the nod?


As for the Bears defense, I think overall you did a great job.  Love that '85 front line, and of course the quartet of HOF linebackers.  Scheme wise it's not entirely accurate, but it's probably the best way to go and the most fun way to represent the Bears best defenders.  The problem though is with the secondary.  I get throwing in Red Grange - it's an interesting touch, he did play a little DB, and you want to represent some more of NFL history, but to me it feels a little out of place.  Mark Carrier and Donnell Woolford were pretty good players, but they don't belong on an All-Time list.  Also you kind of had those two flip flopped as Woolford was a corner and Carrier a safety.

If I had the pick, I would put Leslie Frazier and Charles Tillman at corner.  I know, there isn't much of a way to represent Tillman's forced fumbles in Tecmo, but he was the top corner for Chicago for over a decade.  Meanwhile Frazier was the shut-down corner on the '85 team.  

At safety I'd put Gary Fencik at Free Safety.  I might leave Duerson at the Strong Safety spot, but would also consider Mike Brown.


Okay, one last thought, and again this is because I'm a Bears fan, and hate the Packers... but I think you gave Brett Favre a little too high Passing Control rating.  You've got him at 81, on par with guys like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Joe Montana -- all guys who were exceptional at taking care of the ball, and minimizing interceptions.  Favre on the other hand took a LOT of shots, threw passes into tight coverage, and ended up with a ton of interceptions.

I realize Passing Control has a lot to do with making a Tecmo QB great, and you want to represent that Favre was a great player, which he was.  But I think to make it more accurate to his true abilities and performance, you should bump his Passing Speed up a notch or two, and his Passing Control down to a 63 or 69.



Thanks for taking the time to read through all this!  I'd be psyched to see some updates on this ROM

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@NealAnderson35 This morning I will be revisiting the ratings of some of the players you mentioned.  My rating method was a little different than previous ROMs as I felt that with a game full of Legends, that I could be a little more umbrella.  In the past, I based ratings on Pro-Football-Reference.com's AV (Approximate Value) scores.  With this ROM, I created a tier-based system and rated the players on where I felt they fit in (Elite speed RB, Elite power RB, HoF speed RB, HoF power RB, All-Pro speed RB, Pro, Good, Mediocre, etc).  I used a lot of outside sources when determining my rosters (Cheatsheet.com, ESPN.com, NFL.com, Ranker.com, BleacherReport.com).  With the exception of the Pittsburgh Steelers, I needed the help of these sources.  Because of this, O.J. McDuffie did show up on a lot of "All-Time Dolphins receivers" websites which lead to his inclusion.


I just scrolled up and saw that your post was your first.  Welcome to the community.  I'm glad I could be the subject of your first.


EDIT:  I'm still going over the ROM and I've taken into consideration most of what you've said.  I like the idea of Devin Hester being on the ROM as "fun factor."  Mediocre receiver, great returner.  I've included him for the same reason I've put Kordell Stewart on the Steelers,Tim Tebow on the Broncos, and MAYBE Peyton Hillis on the Browns.  Speaking of returners, this is why I added O.J. McDuffie on the Dolphins.  Chris Chambers wasn't that much better, numbers-wise, than McDuffie but McDuffie was a great returner for the Dolphins.  This is why he's on the team.


In regards to Red Grange on defense, this was a tough one.  It seems sinful to make a legends-based ROM without Red Grange, but I couldn't justify putting him in over any of the current Bears' running backs (Payton, Sayers, Anderson, Ngurski).  I saw that he did play a little DB, so that's why he's there.  I couldn't find anywhere else for him, but I feel like I had to have him.



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Hey again Baron, thanks for getting back to me.  I think I get your thought process in general.


If giving guys like Emmitt and Walter 75 Max Speed is what distinguishes them as great runners in Tecmo (which it does) then you should leave it that way.  (though I do still think Walter needs a bump up in receiving :-D)


Okay - I just realized you did a big update, gonna take a looksie!

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Alright, just took a look through.  Didn't see every single stat, but I saw you upped a bunch of stats, like the QB passing speed.  Thanks for that, I think it adds a touch more realism to the ROM.


I'm sure if I went through I'd spot a few more things that can be improved, but it's really really good as is.  I'll toss out just one more little detail - can you set Devin Hester as both KR and PR man?  Since you mentioned it with the Dolphins, you should throw OJ McDuffie into the the two return man roles as well.


A few years ago, I started working on my own Tecmo ROM with a similar idea to yours.  Only with mine instead of taking all the best players from the entire history of the NFL, I decided to create complete historical teams, trying to get each team's best individual season.  I never did complete the ROM, but I got about a dozen of them.


Teams I got were:

1990 Bills

1972 Dolphins

2004 Patriots (I know, it should have been 2007, but they didn't win the Superbowl!)

1983 Redskins

2005 Eagles (offense only)

1992 Cowboys

1985 Bears

1991 Lions

1998 Vikings

1998 Jaguars

2000 Titans

2002 Buccaneers

1998 Broncos


I built it all off of someone else's 2012 season ROM, I wish I had found the time to complete it, I really enjoyed the project.  If you've got time, take a look, tell me what you think of the teams as I had them assembled.


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Just uploaded a new version of the ROM.  Turns out when I released the ROM, initially, I had forgotten to set the KR and PR teams.  This has been done.  Also, two new players have been added to the game (Rod Smart, John Taylor) and one player has returned (Red Grange).


@NealAnderson35 Your lineup looks similar to the lineup that I used for my old Convergence ROM which, too, consisted of the greatest teams of all time.  The link to it is right here:


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  • 7 years later...

I released this game almost 8 years ago. In that time, great players have joined the league, like Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Lamar Jackson and Christian McCaffrey.


It might be time to give other players like Bill Kenney, Fred Arbanas, Tony Banks and Rod "He Hate Me" Smart the boot.


It might be time for an OFFICIAL update to Tecmo Super Bowl Gold (The Goldest Game!).

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6 hours ago, Baron von Lector said:

It might be time for an OFFICIAL update to Tecmo Super Bowl Gold (The Goldest Game!).


Thanks, Baron.  Do it, Baron.  But name it Tecmo Super Gold.


Do it for justice...  Do it for deliciousness

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