Tecmo Madison XIII is proud to be sponsored by Koei Tecmo of America and in partnership with Bo Jackson's Give Me A Chance Foundation.   What: Tecmo Madison XIII: Return of the Mack When: April 8, 2017 Where: High Noon Saloon 701A E Washington Ave Madison, WI 53703 http://high-noon.com Tournament Website: http://tecmomadison.com
Entry Fee: $50. Includes a tournament t-shirt (size to be selected during registration).
Prizes: We will have cash payouts for top finishers. These will be announced closer to the tournament date.
Start Times:
-- Early bird registration for the main event opens on Friday night at 6:00pm at TBD. This gives you an opportunity to get registration out of the way, drink a lot of beers, catch up with old Tecmo friends, and play some practice games. **More on this to come. Still finalizing details.
-- Registration for the Donnell Woolford NE vs CHI shoot-out also being Friday night at 6:00pm. This is first come, first serve until all time slots are filled.
-- Saturday registration for main event will be from 9:45-10:30am. The tournament should start between 11:00-11:15am. That means that if you don't show up until after 10:30am, we're going to give your spot to an alternate. We strongly recommend early bird registration on Friday night because of this. Also, beer & friends.   Maximum Number of participants: 292
The first 292 people who register are guaranteed a spot in Saturday's tournament. Should we get more than 292 people, spots 293+ will be placed on an expansion list that will be finalize closer to tournament time.
Please note that all people who register are still eligible to make their way into the tournament as an alternate, as folks cancel in the weeks leading up to the tournament. We tend to get upwards of 10-15 cancellations or no-shows every year, so even if you are in spot 295 at some point, you may end up in Saturday's event without any additional play-ins or list expansions.
So, in short, we can accommodate A LOT of people for this tournament, and you shouldn't be discouraged from registering if we cross the 292 threshold.    Tournament Rules and Format: This information is available on the Rules tab of the site. There are a few small changes this year. Please take note. 1. Team Selection & Coin Toss: A manual coin-flip will precede each game. The coin-flip winner can choose the matchup (i.e. the two teams) or defer the matchup choice to the coin-flip loser. If the winner chooses the matchup, the winner is given the P1 controller, and the loser chooses his choice of the two teams in the matchup. If the winner defers the matchup choice, the winner is given the P2 controller,  the loser will then choose the matchup and the winner will select his choice of the two teams. In summary, the winner of the coin toss either gets P1 and choice of matchup or P2 and choice of teams.   6. Lurching is prohibited. If you want to rush with a DL, you must either go outside the offensive tackle or “popcorn” someone on the offensive line. Note that this rule does not apply to LBs. If you want to rush with a DL , when crossing over the line of scrimmage within the restricted circle with a DL, before making a play on the ball carrier, you must first bump or grapple with an opposing player who is not the QB. However, there are no restrictions on DL when the offense is in the shotgun or when crossing over the line of scrimmage outside the restricted circle.  Credit to @manyo360   8. Controllers: Tournament competitors are allowed to bring their own controller to use in games.  Tournament organizers will also coordinate obtaining equipment for the competition for those that do not bring their own.  Tournament organizers will examine each controller and tag it as acceptable, only tagged controllers can be used. Competitor controllers must be original Nintendo OEM products or CirKa N85s and cannot be modified in any way. Original NES controllers and NES dogbone controllers are allowed. NES Max or NES Advantage are not allowed.   10. Tournament organizers reserve the right to use and allow use of aftermarket equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, NES systems, controllers, and TSB cartridges.   11. Participants are NOT allowed to hook up streaming or recording devices to any system that is in-play during the tournament. Those caught doing so will be immediately removed from the tournament.   Any broken rules other than Rule #11 will be left to the judges to deem consequence. Typically, first offense is a warning, second a reduction in score, third will be forfeiture of the game and fourth banned from the tournament.   Hotel info: Price Hotel Address Phone Features   $65 Super 8 East 4765 Hayes Rd, Madison, WI 53704 (608) 249-5300  CRTs <- TBorg Fav $109-$119 Clarion Suites 2110 Rimrock Road Madison, WI 53712 (608) 284-1234 Shuttle <- Block $129 Hampton Inn  440 W Johnson St, Madison, WI 53703 (608) 255-0360 Very Close <- Block         Registration list: Found here.   Questions: If you have a question potentially applicable to all competitors (rules, tournament format, etc), please post such below. This is the official tournament thread. If you have an individual question that requires our attention, you can reach us at [email protected]   Thanks to @sonofpatbeach @holzy11 & the rest of the Madison crew.