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Leif Powers FAQ/game guide update/fixing ideas...requesting feedback

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Various topics, but all related, hence grouped this way. Any thoughts on any of these appreciated.


- I was thinking I would break up the current 2-block format as follows:

Part 1: Gruesomely detailed information on I think the "default" Tecmo playbook and some related or swappable plays where I think there is either a significant amount of promise or usage. Training protocols, regimens, and results. Physics/distances/game theory. Maybe 100 pages.

Part 2: The rest of the existing Part 1, including the junk like flea flickers.

Part 3: Still personnel. Thinking about ditching the drafting part, because now people are coming in with custom ROMs with new playbooks - not sure if it still makes sense to have in there or how good it is.

Part 4: Detailed information (maybe just links) to board posts and so on about game internals and mods. <TBD, I'm definitely not the best person to put that together> This was definitely a request I heard a few times.


- Videos/pictures/HTML/text. Back in the good old days, it made more sense to have the FAQ be text because that was how you found this stuff. Nowadays even Mort's pretty basic blog shows the limitations. Here are my thoughts on this:

Video is the easiest for me to produce and communicate so you actually understand what I'm showing, but you can't really have it at tournaments, or effectively excerpt it or summarize it in a cheat sheet. However I'd definitely appreciate tips on what the best way to do that with voiceovers is, capture issues, etc. (know there are topics on this: I'm even thinking a ghetto cellphone video or video camera mounted nearby). I could bubble everything, but perhaps not ideal from my own time perspective (this is a hobby, although I'm giving it more time than I used to because I've realized other games suck 8O)

Text is definitely the easiest for arm bands and such. Has advantage because it's the quickest for me to put together.

HTML page is easiest to read quickly and looks nice. However, it doesn't show concepts most effectively and it costs me more time to put together.


I saw a really impressive playbook one of the guys put together at the MWTecmo tournament this year. That format, or the little black book, is best for refresher for sure, when the dude rolls up with his crazy motion playbook. One of the things I'm batting around is telestrating it instead, so you have a picture that shows the movement also.


TecmoPsycho (if I have his handle right) was talking about his notes to me the other day. I'm certainly on board with a wiki concept.


My goal would be to drop the text-ish version of the Part 1 in a couple months, ideally less. Then clean up for Part 2 (a month) and Part 3 is largely the same.


Post any feedback or suggestions here. No promises, but I'm more thinking of aligning with what is interesting to you in the community.

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Man, I am totally down with everything you have detailed here. I know that doesn't add much value by way of feedback or suggestions that you are looking for, but I just can't wait to see what you put together.

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